Friday, August 5, 2011

Fong Lye, Gardens, Midvalley

Just before boarding the train back to Ipoh, I manage to squeeze in time for a meal in MV. Since aunty is tagging along, I thought of giving her a treat. Well, there are not many Chinese food available. Well it has to be xiao long baos.... or.... Fong Lye. Since I haven't try the latter, I decided to give it a shot!

Taiwan Deep Fried Chicken (RM9.30). Categorized under the appetizer section in the menu, I thought this will be a good munch while waiting for our mains. Gosh, I was totally wrong as the portion were enough to be bits and bites for almost 5 people! The portion is indeed generous and with a bowl of rice, it could simply feed 2 small eaters. Despite using chicken breast, the meat was absolutely succulent and juicy. The thin flour coating was well enhanced with a slight peppery and aromatic taste which surely will tickle your tastebuds and ask for more. We kept on crunching on the crispy exterior as the moist meat could have filled a considerable amount in your stomach.

Mistake #2. This again is not an appetizer but more of a light meal on itself. Taiwan Glutinous Rice Sausage (RM9.30). In the Chinese name, its called "Tai Cheong Bao Sai Cheong" literally translated into Big Sausage Wrap Small Sausage. The "smaller sausage" was a slightly different type of Taiwan sausage. Usually sausages incorporate grinded meat and fats but the version here uses shredded lean meat similar from the chunks of bak kut teh. Not really well marinaded with the condiments like five spice powder, the sausage is not too appetizing to my liking. The "bigger sausage" is actually glutinous rice filled inside a sausage skin. Lightly stuffed with preserved vegetables, the glutinous rice is passable but not moist and soft enough. If my tastebuds serves me accurately, the meat floss used is not from chicken nor pork, but from dried shrimps. You can taste the faint "fishy" smell, hence I guess the floss must be from the sea instead of poultry derivatives.

Taiwanese Pig Intestines Mee Sua (RM11.80). Mee Sua served in a starchy gravy along side slightly chewy pig intestines. I heard its a common dish in Taiwan but the famous Shilin Snacks franchise kiosk nationwide diluted its authenticity by substituting pork intestines with shredded chicken and oysters. Thank goodness for Fong Lye!

Set meals are reasonably priced here. Well, it doesn't come cheap but for the ambiance and variety of stuffs in the set, its worth it. This is the Minced Meat Sauce Noodle Set (RM17.80). A bowl of fine pan mee like noodles is doused with a thick and meaty sauce. Just like spaghetti Chinese-fied. You can find cubes of beancurd among the minced meat. Both were stewed until it locks the flavours of the sauce. The julienned cucumbers was there to counter the saltiness of the sauce. Towards the end, the sauce is abit overpowering when you are running low on noodles.

Every set meal will come with a platter with sides of seasoned jellyfish, seasoned bean curd salad and fried fritter. The seasoned jellyfish is crunchy and really did its part well in kick starting taste buds. The middle appetizer is actually tau kua mixed with wood fungus and shredded chicken and cabbage. The fried fritter contains a filling similar to a creme style of corn, best eaten upon serving as the cold filling will cause the fritter to be soggy. Besides these, you get a serving of doubled boiled soup. The soup has a full bodied aroma although the ingredients seems simple - "fun kok", red dates and pork.

I had the Stewed Beef in Hot Pot Set (RM19.80) The beef cuts are tender and succulent with good ratio of lean meat and tendon. The jelly like tendon is the best part and it really melts in your mouth. Another proof the stew is very well done is the radish and carrots also can easily melt in your mouth. The gravy is hearty and well flavoured with the essence/stock from the beef itself. Goes along very well with the white rice. I'm very satisfied with the food here. Now, the decision on where to dine in Midvalley when I drop by KL is even tougher with an addition of worthy option in the name of Fong Lye. =D

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