Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark Visit

It's been awhile since I last blogged. And to my dear readers, you will be abit disappointed for not seeing a food post. Yours truly has been on a dry season and did not really went food hunting regularly. Besides that,  I think I have tried out most of the eateries in Ipoh worth mentioning. How bout a short write up on a day trip instead. After all, its my first time driving long distance. Seriously, the furthest I drove was to Kampar only. And this time, I'm fortunate to make another milestone to drive up all the way to Bukit Merah.

Bukit Merah exit is just a short drive after the Taiping toll, if you are travelling from Ipoh. Toll cost involved: RM10.10 from Ipoh Toll to Bukit Merah Toll, with a time cost of slightly more than 1 hour. Petrol is a subjective matter but distance traveled was around 150km to and fro. 

Thank God for a day off! I have been a bit sick of working on public holidays, both recognised "unrecognised" public holidays. As long as the factory operates, I have to be at work. If the its within a "declared" PH by the company, then I will get a replacement day off. Yes, NO double/triple pay/allowances! So, I'm very glad to be away from work, at least for a day during the Raya period. Kelvin suggested to "play water". Hence we are here!

I was here at Bukit Merah Laketown during the H.U.G.E. Camp back in 2000 if I'm not mistaken. That time we only have free time to explore the Birdpark/OrangUtan Island.

I wonder how much the ticket has increased but its RM27 per person for the water park entrance. Good thing is.... flat rate for all season. So no surcharge on peak periods/holiday season.

Well, we have to leave our belongings in the locker. Handphones, wallets and cameras. So yes.... I did not get any pricey shots of myself enjoying that day. So one more picture before we get wet. =)

Yes this is the standard outfit. No spectacles, No buttons or jeans. No jewellery. Oh, that's the tube for rent. RM10. Without it, you will not get to play certain water slides.... Check in time, approx 11.30am...

Checkout time 4.00pm.... But the weather was real good. We kinda expected it to rain but it didn't. It was "just right". Ideally I prefer a clear morning sky with a cloudy afternoon but things turned out to be the opposite. Since we played till late afternoon, we did had quite measurable scale of sunburn.

These are some of the quick snapshots I got after my shower. I went in to snap pics of certain attractions. This is the Giant Wet Bubble. Only 6 people can enter at one go for a timed session. Make sure you make full use of it as you have to queue up for quite some time. Have a "last man standing" game and throw all your opponents down! Else, have a race to the top using the ropes. Or you can just play safe by syiok sendiri jumping on the inflatable bubble~

This is how you make full use of the RM10 rent for the tube. The Giant Tube Slides. Else you can laze around with the tube in the Wave Pool or the Lazy River. For more "intimacy", take off your shirt and go for the Body Slide, where you have direct contact with the slide surface. There are 2 lanes, one in which you will go through turnings causing a slight nauseating experience. The other one, you will end up having water inside your nostrils if you do not hold your breath as its a straight slide down to the pool.

This is the ultimate ride in the whole park. Enter The Boomerang! One person at a go... Scream all you want. But if possible, open your eyes la and feel the G force on your body. Not as horrifying as the Space Shots in Genting, the initial journey downwards definitely gets your heart beats faster.

Final shot - posing with a Buaya on the "Wave Pool". Please peeps, if you called me a Buaya, think again, when was the last time  did i buaya you? It was a all guys trip... except for somebody's gal tagging along. And yes, I did not buaya also. But I did "cuci mata" abit.... once in a while, okla to spend this amount =) This sums up my Raya-Merdeka break, putting aside yumchar sessions every nite. 

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mind to ask did you guys bought the wristband? if have, may i know how much was the price? thanks