Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My dinner arrangement for visitors

What could be a dinner in Ipoh without Ngar Choy Kai??? Yes, just like going to Penang without trying their Laksa and Char Kuay Teow, a visit to Ipoh is incomplete without savouring the Bean Sprout chicken. Tender and juicy poached chicken which is drizzled with shallots oil, sesame oil, soya sauce and with a dash of pepper is attracting crowds from afar. Come the long public holiday season, you can see cars with B,W and P flocking this street.

A battle of 2 giants - Onn Kei and Lou Wong causing a rippled effect to the traffic and parking in the nearby lanes/streets. My meal in Onn Kei costs RM130 for a table of 10 person. I'm not footing the bill though. The visitors are. The visitors from China said that its a bit similar to their way of cooking. Well, no matter how similar, it will never be complete with the plump beansprout, grown to its fullest potential from the slightly alkaline water which its source can be traced back to the limestome caves.

They have beef balls and fish balls as well if you find beansprout + poached chicken just abit too boring. I heard Lou Wong have whisked out a version of their Thai Styled Glass Chicket Feet. Ooppsss, I forgot to snap a photo of the velvety smooth Ipoh Kuay Teow.

For the second round, or rather a early supper, I brought them to Friend's Corner in Ipoh Old Town area. The stalls here are famous for the snowy beer/ snow flakes beer. You do not need special beer, just a chilled... or rather frozen glass. The beer are also chilled near freezing point. Upon contact, the beer goes on overdrive mode!

Fountain of life????

Steamed Lala in Clear Broth. A simple dish but yet executed in sheer perfection. With just shredded ginger and a few dash of Chinese cooking wine, everything just complemented well. 

The Poached Octopus tossed with bird's eye chilli, onions and zesty lime juice squeezed generously to give you an extra zing (fiery darts numbing experience if you cannot take chilli padi). This dish provided a relatively good light exercise for your jaws, without much effort, but sufficient for a good chew on its "bouncy" texture.

Fried Sa Tsui fish. Deep fried after lightly seasoned with salt. This fish is crispy from the inside out! Yes, even the bones and head can be eaten if you take caution as you would not wanna hurt your gums. Paired with the belacan cili squeezed with lime, this is indeed a chilled beer's soul mate!

Enter the beer's concubine (If the fried fish was the soul mate) in the form of Deep Fried Mantis Prawns with Chilli and Salt. Need I explain more? Cheerssssss...~

Ok, I need to explain this, under the strands of eggs and curry leaves are 3 pieces of soft shell crab!!! Yummy... Another cholesterol laden dish! I've already avoided the Salted Egg style and opted for the Lai Yau. Juicy and oily at the same time as you sink your teeth in the moist yet crispy crustacean. I have no idea of how much was supper though 9 big bottles of beer for 6 people is not enough to make me feel drunk =p
I had my sober say on my preference of my night snacking in Ipoh, how bout you?

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