Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day Trip to Penang

Tickets to Penang aint cheap nowdays. RM17+ for one way! I remember paying around RM14+ less than a year ago. Thats like more than 20% raise in less than a year. *waves* hey  DEAREST employers out there! do I even have 10% annual increment? Else you expect me to be like Flintstones and paddle my car by foot?

Air in Penang is polluted. Guess we have been very kind to our neighbouring country already. Perhaps its time to do something........ but, wait. ABANG ADIK maaaa... 

Crap! This is supposed to be a food blog, try not to involved political sentiments here, though I'm flaring now after watching the clip of some youths from a political party staging a protest against Nasi Lemak 2.0. Damn, I feel hot! A similar feeling after downing a bowl of authentic Penang Prawn Mee in a coffee shop which was experiencing power shortage! (Told you, what Namewee said was true, TNB really sucks! No point banning the movie, its the satirical truth of Malaysians). I was catching some sweat as the belacan cili mixed into the soup just elevated the inferno level. 

For RM3 a small bowl, I find it quite satisfying. Penang food is indeed cheaper than Ipoh food (based on a general lookout). The broth was hearty and I am convinced that quite an amount of prawn shells/heads were used to get that stock! The ingredients were a bit skimpy with thin slices of pork, prawns smaller than the diameter of the half boiled egg yolk and some taugeh. There were no kangkung used in this version. Not too bad, I just go a snapshot of the so called FAMOUS prawn noodles in New Cathay Coffeeshop.

Apparently, the most famous stall here is the curry noodles. Too bad I had stomach discomfort the day earlier, hence I skipped this. The version here incorporate "pig red" (direct translation which literally means coagulated pig's blood cubes). So, no laksa for me this round! =X

Next stop, Straits Quay. And yes, besides street food, my main intention was to try Charlie Brown's Cafe.

Not tonight, perhaps save for another post. Sorry for the abrupt ending. Somebody came online finally. =)

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