Friday, September 16, 2011

Cheap Weekdays Deal @ Kok Thai Restaurant.

Happy Malaysia Day I bid to my readers. Finally yours truly has the honour to rest at home on a public holiday! After a day lazing around alternating between playing computer games, sleeping and eating, I decided to wrap up the day with a short post. Remember my post back then about Kok Thai having a special weekday promotional dish at RM8.80? Yes, they have extended this promotion despite the auspicious 8th month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar when business seems to be brisk to due wedding dinners booking.

This is their promotion on Thurdays. A serving of sharksfin soup with crabmeat at RM8.80. One jar could be best shared. Else you would like to have a different approach of eating it by mixing it with rice. Yesssssh, the infamous style of "Yu Chi Lou Fan" as claimed by the Hongkies.

My favourite would still be the Pan Fried Prawns in Soya Sauce which happens to be on Wednesday. Else go on a Tuesday whereby they have a few style of cooking tilapia fish. Have is steamed or fried in choices of sauce. Pair up with a vege or two, another meat dish and there, a reasonably priced dinner. What are you waiting for? =) Kok Thai Restaurant in Ipoh Garden East, at the shops beside Jusco, you can't miss it.

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