Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bee Gaik............. aiyerrrr

It's gonna be a simple but short post to describe a disappointing meal in Bee Gaik Restaurant.

Otak-Otak... Passable but Lukewarm. Jelak. I wonder if they try their own food before opening for business. Such simple principles taken for granted.

Braised Pork with Yam (RM16 - ala carte order, not part of the set) Tender meat and yam which absorbed the gravy. Yes, I gave the due credit it deserve.... But again. Lukewarm. 

Kapitan Chicken. LUKEWARM again?! What the heck, does it take much effort to even reheating it? If you are THAT lazy, use the Microwave damnit! Don't make me pay RM50 for a meal of CHAP FAN dishes which have been pathetically sitting around for the last few hours!

The Sweet and Sour Fish is just above average. At least the fish fillets were made on the spot and still have the crispy exterior... but there is a limit how far Dory can go =p

RM50.90 for a set for 3-4 person inclusive of rice, tidbits and Chinese tea. Besides the mentioned dishes, the stir fried vege was lackluster. I was very disappointed that they could not even make a simple vegetable dish palatable and of restaurant standard. I would NOT step into this place again, unless you are a fan of lukewarm food, And if you enjoy seeing waitesr/waitresses and even cooks sitting around lazily while you sip your neither hot, neither cold Chinese Tea in frustration.


MeiLi said...

I once had this n never went back also!!!super expensive and food no good at all!i wonder how they can last so long when there are much better 'chu chau' food outside.maybe because there r not much nyonya food outlets in ipoh...

sEnGz said...

true. they have been in business for very long. but i don't really find the dishes appealing, the kapitan chicken and otak otak is just average. they do not have passion in cooking. food quality and service is bad