Monday, October 17, 2011

Tantalizing Thursday @ St Mike

Put your hands up if the two sneak previews photos of the desserts have made you click onto my FB and read this post! Hehe.... Credits to Christine and her DSLR shooting skills, which is improving outing by outing. Some photos were from my camera and some are from hers, pretty obvious which is from whose camera rite? =)

As I promised, a write up on St Mike will be up for this weekend. Let's start with a brief intro. Location wise, St Mike is actually a shoplot opposite the former FMS Bar situated along the row of shops just behind the RHB bank opposte Padang Ipoh. Or to keep it simple, it occupies the former Brewster!

Those who have patronized Brewster before they shifted would've find the interior decor more or the less similar. There is a bar counter for those who wanna chill with a mug of beer. Happy hours are before 8pm, with the buy 5 free 1 promotion. You don't get much choices of beer except for the common few at RM10 per bottle.

Soups were at RM9.90 per bowl. It comes in a big soup bowl but the portion was also decent enough to be shared. The cream of broccoli is thick and creamy from blended broccoli pulp. I prefer the cream of mushroom a bit more. It has generous portion of mushrooms bits to ensure every spoonful is bursting with flavor. A small flaw would be the soup could be a bit hotter because it was not appetizing sipping lukewarm soup halfway.

We ordered different type of juices, averaging from RM5.90 to RM7.90 for drinks. There are smoothies/ice blended juices of coffees besides the mentioned beer. For the main course, it was a coincident that night was a  white meat fiesta. The only poultry was the Italian Chicken whereas the rest were fish!

Italian Chicken is a modified chicken chop, with an addition of a slice of ham and a slice of cheese melted on top. Served with garden vegetables and wedges, the portion is subtantial for an average eater. Tastewise, the brown sauce is hearty and flavourful whereas the chicken maintained its juiciness and tenderness as it was grilled just right. No complaints but not much compliments on this dish either.

The Parmesan Baked Fish with Aglio Olio. In the picture, we paid an extra RM3 to upgrade it into a Cabonrara version. Sinfully creamy. The fish itself also gave a aromatic smell of cheese from the Parmesan powder generously sprinkled at the exterior of the fish. I would best advice this dish to be shared but surprisingly, my friend finished the whole plate on her own! =O

Another dish which will leave you in guilt! Salmon maybe rich in Omega 3 but the creamy white sauce would've scare the daylight of all those who are in a diet. Two plates of Grilled Salmon Steak (RM30+) were ordered, one being well done and the other medium. I do not really fancy salmon being neither cooked nor raw. If its grilled or baked, I prefer mine to be cooked well done. Well, different individual have different preference though.

I settled for something more average in presentation and also pricing. My Herb Crusted Grilled Fish came in 2 big fillets with sides of vegetables and potato wedges. I made sure no Dory Fillets are used since I'm paying nearly RM30 for this! Tastewise, the fish is perfectly grilled and maintained its juiciness. The herbs on the exterior does a mild flavour enhancing but with the drizzle of lemon butter sauce, the fish fillets managed to flaunt its freshness and original taste!

After that, we decided to go for some desserts since the night is still young. You can see the desserts of the day being displayed at the bar counter

I had a cup of Chocolate Marshmallow (RM6.90), which is actually hot chocolate with marshmallows. The drink is abit too mild for me as I prefer a richer chocolatey aftertaste.

The Brownies (RM6.50) - Tastewise, I have tasted better brownies before. But this comes down to personal preference. I like my brownies to be warm and slightly moist. Drizzles of chocolate syrup is something I really do look for in my serving of brownies. However the presentation here is kinda interesting too using cocoa powder instead of chocolate syrup,

The Oreo Cheesecake (RM6.50) fared better than the Brownies. Oreo powder were used to coat the exterior surface and the base of the cake. I did not really taste Oreo chunks on the cream cheese layer though. Portion is suitable for one individual whom is fond of desserts. Considering the small portion, I do not encourage sharing (since I'm a dessert lover), at the most 2 person per dessert. Besides these, Creme Brulee is also available at the same price.... and a much similar small portion too. =)

The total bill was around RM250 for the 5 of us (price of the items were an estimation as the receipt is not with me now) Well, for places like this, we kinda expected to feel a slight pinch on our pocket. In conclusion, the food here is not bad. Interior wise, its quite a cozy place with good music to unwind after work. But on a Thursdays, things were slow as there were only 2 more tables besides us. Perhaps you might wanna land your support by dropping a visit to St Mike and feel the dining experience  =)


Anonymous said...

Bro, the food here is bad lah. My medium steak became rare and it was just a terrible experience. Nothing compared with Brewsters man! Jee Seng

sEnGz said...

Wow, this post was up like a year ago, you really went thru my archive? Thanks. =)

Well, perhaps so happen we ordered all white meat the other day. I too had the experience of my steak supposedly to be medium exceeded the well done mark in Sky Lounge. Tough and chewy, euuwww...

Haven't tried Brewster though, I think they are under renovation now right...