Saturday, October 29, 2011

a small blessing...

Finally, after almost a few months of participating in the contest. I actually won something. Well, I was kinda confident of NOT being empty handed as the contest promised every 100th entry win. I actually submitted more than 100 entries. I was actually hoping to try my luck on winning something bigger =S

After all the hard work and money spent on envelops and  stamps, I would have boycotted Teapot Milk if I did not get something from the contest. =p Well, all of the labels are actually obtained from my previous factory as it was a major ingredients. Imagine almost 30 cans everyday. If I got to know about this contest earlier, I would have spammed their mailbox every week. What you see in the photo is not even 10% of the total labels which I manage to collect from my factory. 

Well, I should have gotten a few more labels and submitted a few entries on behalf of my dad. Yup, besides me, mom also won RM100. So there is RM200 extra for grocery shopping this month. Would've been sweeter if I have won a 4 digit cash prize (If only decimal points does not exist in the cheque, RM10 000), then it will be a big shopping spree in KL this Christmas. Anyway, Thanks F&N Teapot Milk! This post is a small thank you note (besides taking pride of winning something)

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