Friday, October 28, 2011

Hokkaido Revisited

Just a simple post to share with you the ongoing promotion in Hokkaido Japanese Cuisine currently. There are a few items on promo price. Salmon /White Tuna Sashimi is priced at RM10.90 (5 slices, original ala carte price could be RM25). Salmon and Ebiko (Roe) Sushi are priced at RM1 per piece. (Minimum order 5 pieces) Buta (Pork) Tepanyaki @ RM16. 

Some of the items in real form. Edamame was also a good munching options. Portion quite substantial for RM3.80. For around RM20, the sashimi did not really skimp in portion nor quality. Must order this!

Beef Sukiyaki (RM28) = generous portion but beef was a bit overdone. Prefer the medium cooked with pinkish layers in the center.

And the star of the day would be the charcoal grilled items. We ordered the Seafood (RM30) and the Pork (RM20)

The charcoal grill. I find this more interesting than the stainless steel hot plate on my first visit. You really get to hear the sizzles of the meat being cooked. Personally I prefer the charcoal stove over the aluminium hot plate. But, the other patrons might not like it cause you will not be the only one having smoke smell on your clothes.

Grilled seafood - scallops. salmon, squid....

and of course, prawns!!! =D They might take some time preparing the charcoal stove, so enjoy your appetizers of mains first as the wait might be up to 1/2 an hour. So there, a short write up on Hokkaido. Don't miss out on the on going promotion, especially salmon sashimi lovers. =)

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