Friday, November 25, 2011

A night out with my girls @ Frontera-Sol of Mexico

Oh no.... Amnesiac has hit me. This is the consequence of procrastination. I actually edited the photos but the draft was pending for nearly a month. It wont be surprising if I forgot the name as this makan session was in end of Oct... Anyway, this is the food I had in Frontera, a Mexican food bar/bistro like chill out place. Its soft taco shell served with ground beef, cheese, tomatoes, shredded lettuce and zuchinni. Served with tomato-salsa like sauce strongly infused with smoky aroma, believed to be incorporation of BBQ sauce. 

The sauce is not spicy at all. Well, perhaps mildly spiced. Do not overdo with it else it would be a messy affair. This is the last shot of a properly arrangement before hell breaks loose. Ground beef mixed with the sauce reminded me of a good and hearty Bolognaisse gravy =D One serving at RM6.90!

Surprisingly the taco wrapped turns out to be more filling than expected. The next appetiser was something similar like the first. This time the taco shell is toasted, hence giving a crispy exterior. Served on a steel plate which was not hot (else the vege would lose its juiciness and crisp), this is a meatless version but was well compensated with generous amount of cheese! One portion at RM10.90.

The 2 appetisers were certainly filling enough, especially with some booze.... To kick of the Monday blues, happy hour is all nite long on a Monday! YAY!!! One Jug of Tiger Draft is RM30++. Besides that, they also  feature different promotional alcoholic beverages daily.

The interior of the dimly lit environment with cosy PU seats. They have a few LCD TVs for football fans. If I'm not mistaken, they have live band on weekends as well.

Great to meet up with some of coursemates. I hope there will be more chances of going on "business trip" to KL. Hehe... so happen I was attending a course pertaining to JAKIM Halal in MATRADE.

There you have it, a simple write up on Frontera @ Jaya One.

Jaya One, a centre point for most of my KL friends to meetup. Else, Sunway Giza would be great night spot too. Can't wait to make a trip down KL again, most likely in early 2012. At the meantime, there are a few pending blog posts about happenings in Ipoh. Stay tune for my back log work. Hehe....


Ramesh V said...


Thanks for the lovely photos :)


Frontera Sol of Mexico

sEnGz said...

my pleasure~ sure wil drop by again if i'm chillin in JayaOne =)