Sunday, November 27, 2011

Haagan Dazs, De Garden, Ipoh

 There is a new kid in town which carries a slight burden and hope on its shoulder in helping to revive De Garden. De Garden seems once a happening nite spot with the "biggest club" Airport, the first Burger King in Ipoh, the first.... Wong Kuok, Ayam Penyet, Tutti Fruitti, FruitLand, Strawberry Moments, Papa Rich, I Love Yoo, Boston and the latest addition would be the Korean BBQ chain Daorae. A few has thrown in the towel due to factors like high rental, poor management policy set by De Garden and personally I feel Ipoh's purchasing power is still limited with the ever stagnant salary range. Within the first week of opening, I would like to gauge how far the new outlet of Haagan Dazs can spike up the ranks of De Garden.

Well, the crowd was indeed big, filling up every single table by 9pm on a Wednesday night. Well, while waiting for my friends, I can spot an empty Strawberry Moments, few tables in Ding Fung, ONE table in Dragon ONE and quarterly filled Wong Kuok and Oh Sushi. I wonder how long Haagan Dazs can sustain in Ipoh. Most of us Ipohians are just one timers when it comes to expensive food.
Ok, I would let you judge for yourself. The platter in this photo cost you RM29.90, excluding the service and government tax. You get 4 scoops of ice cream, a waffle and some banana and strawberry slices. Cookies and Cream is rich and tasted just like most other brands. Tiramisu is rich and creamy. Caramel and Biscuit is abit on the sweet side, also very rich indeed with a strong aftertaste. Strawberry Cheesecake is also very rich with a slight tangy side. Surprisingly the waffle was well prepared, light and fluffy. I could easily finish this plate on my own, but due to tight on budget, 3 of us shared one plate. Told ya, Ipoh people are really underpaid!!!!

 Due to overwhelming OPENING response, most of the hit flavours like Belgium Chocolate were sold out. Yours truly even did not get his hands on his ever insatiable cravings of Rum And Raisins. Personally, I would advice most of you to wait for a little longer if you wish to dine in peace and savour every possible favourite flavours of your choice. I even have trouble picking the flavour for my free scoop (for minimum RM20 spent) and I settled with Coffee flavour.

IMHO, I will anyhow prefer Baskin Robbins as it has more flavours to offer and the portion and pricing is more.... reasonable. One scoop in HG is RM10.90 compared to BR's RM7.90. Wear pink on a Wednesday and you can easily get a double scoop deal for less than RM10. That's why I doubt how long HD can survive in Ipoh. Ok, this should wrap up my commitment to update my blog regularly despite there is work tomorrow, a supposedly PUBLIC HOLIDAY! (don't let it spoil my mood as I have great plans for the whole Sunday! To those who gets a deserved day off tomorrow, enjoy!)


David said...

The waitress there is very cocky. Even before we finished our drink she already asking us to go off. No manners.

sEnGz said...

Are they still cocky now? As far as I know, the business has slowed down alot for them.