Monday, December 26, 2011

another bestie got married... o.O

 You know its time to beef up your savings and do a checklist on yourself that time is not always on your side when you noticed and witnessed friends walking down the aisle one by one. I have a few friends had their weddings and ROM this year. And some are into getting their own house. As I look into my bank account, I see the need for some savings as  this day would come soon... or rather, get a partner first. o.O

The latest to the addition is my course mate Wei Theng, who had her ROM on 10.10.10 but the traditional ceremony and wedding dinner towards the last month in 2011. The dinner was held in Hee Lai Ton Restaurant with an estimation of 60+ tables.

 Food in Hee Lai Ton tastes just slightly above average this time compared to Keem & Eric's wedding dinner on my birthday last year. Perhaps I have been dining in Mun Choong for 3 times in the span of 2 months. Well, the banquet hall seems grand (not much inferior compared to Tropicana Tai Thoong) but Mun Choong is undoubtedly the best option for your money if you really want GOOD and TASTY and well presented food in your wedding banquet.

 Only few of us who are "STUCK" in Ipoh made it for the wedding. Outstation friends are just too lazy to drop by. But looking back, that was one heck of a week. Christmas performances, rehearsal, 2 wedding dinners back to back with a wedding reception in church the morning after the Night Of Carols event. Gosh.... That's the tight schedule excluding events which I have to pass due to clashing with the weddings, like my company sports carnival in KL and my ex-factory's year end appreciation dinner.

The next morning I have to wake up early for the "fetch the bride" (jip san leung) ceremony. Yup, due to some pantang thingie and some auspicious date, this event was slot the day AFTER the wedding dinner.

Dress code was supposedly to be "pinkish purple" but I had trouble getting a decent purple shirt for myself. Giordano's designs are too "mass produced" as you can easily bump into a stranger wearing the same shirt as you on the streets. (Remember the "ME" series few years back?) Well, the search came to an end with me making a maiden purchase in G2000, a shop which a person with fresh grad earnings like me wouldn't dare to step in to make purchases.

*NEWS FLASH* The "ginger icon" series has finally reached the shores of Malaysia. My friend got this for me during her trip in Hong Kong's Giordano few months back. This marks the end of the period if being exclusive and unique =p

The best man(s) dress code - in pink tees and white pants. Gearing up to make a dash and take up the challenges we have in store for them before the groom is allowed to enter and meet the bride.

It was a fair game, 11 in pink versus 11 in purple. This is the lineup of the bridesmaids. So who do you think emerged victorious on that day? ^^

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