Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My WHITE Christmas. =D

I finally succumbed to peer pressure and got myself a smart phone. Well, I always wanted a phone which has wifi at least and with a slightly bigger screen. Initially I was contemplating to get the Wave 3 or Galaxy W as both were new models and priced at RM999 respectively. Wave 3 has a 4 inch SUPER AMOLED screen but runs on Bada OS. It has a classy unibody metal body. Galaxy W on the other hand duns on Android OS but with a 3.7inch TFT LCD screen with some "plasticky" was awkwardly designed.

 While I was checking out these 2 phones, I came across Galaxy S+ in WHITE! It caught me by surprise and I could not believe my eyes as the newspaper advertisement only promotes the SII, Note and Ace in WHITE. =D

Samsung Galaxy S+ (GT-I9001) has the best of both worlds of the Wave 3 and Galaxy W. It has a crisp clear display of 4" SUPER AMOLED (400X800 16 mil colours) and runs on ANDROID Gingerbread. And as a perfect finish, it is available in full WHITE. Performance wise, Galaxy S Plus is not laggy so far thanks to its processor clocking at 1.4Ghz Scorpion, an upgrade from its predecessor Galaxy S (GT-I9000) which clocks at 1.0Ghz Cortex A8. Besides that, S+ has an improved chipset (Snapdragon by Qualcomm) replacing its predecessor with a Samsung Hummingbird chipset. The S+ holds a larger battery capacity at 1650mAh, meaning longer standby time. Well, the only area which it lost out to its predecessor is the internal storage of 8GB compared to the previous 16GB. But 8GB proves to be quite sufficient if you do not plan to download the whole Android Market inside your phone. Furthermore, I was given a free 8GB external SD card in the package.

The S+ has the same dimensions with its predecessor, weighing less than 120g with a thickness slightly above 9mm. It has an autofocus 5MP camera which satisfy my basic needs of snapping pics on the go if I did not bring my digital camera along. Video recording at 720p proves to be quite sufficient too. The slight drawback would be there is no LED flash for the camera considering its an identical to the Galaxy S model which was a 2010 model. (FYI, S+ was released in mid 2011, but the WHITE set only available the week before Christmas) There is a VGA camera in front for video calls..... and to cure the urge to camwhore. =p

The "menu" and "back" button are well lit when touched. Despite it being in white, the lights were clear enough even if its not taken in the dark like the picture above. And yes, that's my current crush Shen Jia Yi as the wallpaper. =)

The Samsung Galaxy S+ is currently priced at RM1399. I got this price from a official Samsung dealer shop which offers a 2 year warranty. Those Ah Bengs in their make shift stalls can easily offer you RM1299 BUT with just a 1 year warranty. Since I've invested so much on the phone, why not go for the additional warranty as well? Furthermore, you might not know those Ah Beng shops will tamper your accessories or batteries by giving you fake ones. For the peace of mind, RM1399 comes with an 8GB card, assured original set with matching white earphones, charger, USB cable, free screen protector and software installation. I pampered myself and continued to be a loyal Samsung handphone user. =)

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