Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011 Celebration

The Christmas celebration hit the office on Friday afternoon. We had a simple eat in. Lunch menu includes sandwiches and macaroni with bolognaise sauce. But the star of the day was the roasted whole turkey from Beacon Point. We took a M size turkey (weighs around 3.5kg) with traditional chestnut and onions stuffing. It comes with cranberry jam, turkey sauce and some baked potatoes at a price tag of RM268. (Delivery not included and you need to bear with the snobbishness of Beacon Point proprietor) Yes, he gave me the F**ked Up look and tone when I enquire more when placing my booking. He don't seem to be bothered with my business since there are not many places which are famous for roast turkey during Christmas. Yes, perhaps he has the rights to have the "don't give a damn attitude"

Next, its present exchange time! Me got a Watson brand body shampoo from it~

My colleagues and their presents. Oh yes, the theme was WHITE, that's why the white shirts and dress~

The guys of Old Town White Coffee.... but we seems like promoting Starbucks. LOL.

The ladies of Old Town White Coffee.

On the next day, I kick started Christmas Eve with  a countdown event with the church INFUSE youth group. 

The youth room was well decorated and most of the decor includes improvisation of the halls decor of our Christmas event in PGS Hall on the 16th Dec.

Things took a kick start with the Chilli Challenge. You will get to see how far people are willing to go for a handphone and an mp3 player. 

First round being chilli sauce, second round using sambal belacan and third and final round unvealing fresh whole red chillies. We underestimated the participants by only preparing items enough for 3 rounds but there were more than half of the participants still in the game after the 3 challenges.

We have to raise the stakes by increasing the number of red chilies to be chewed and kept in the mouth unswallowed. Participants were asked to bear with it until the last man (or woman) standing walks away with the prize. 

Well, look at the torture people are willing to go through for that Samsung Corby handphone! Well, some of them gave up at this stage. Hehe... I think this is nothing compared to all the gross stuffs in the FEAR FACTOR challenge during this year Overcomers Conference like everybody grinding watermelon juice using your mouth and passing around for each other to have a share or pass-the-frog game using your mouth!!! But the prize this year was a Mac Book Air!!! But stuffing live frogs inside your mouth? That's a great sacrifice and hurdle to overcome before getting your hands on the RM3k+ grand prize.

Down to 3 finalist, we had to think of something to determine the winner. The showdown came to a speed challenge and girls won the first prize and third prize respectively (RM50 cash was allocated last minute since there were 3 outstanding finalists). Well, I think Marx "lepas water" (give chance) by finishing second cause he wanted the ipod shuffle, since he already has a good handphone.

Next, the INFUSE band rocked the house with some upbeat, modernized carols. Pas Matt followed with a short and meaningful Christmas message before we proceeded to our dinner/supper of Satay!!!!

The night toned down a little after the satay with some acapella songs, including Marianne and Darren's rendition of The Prayer. As the clock ticked closer to midnight, the music started to get louder with the Green Girls Band and Joel entertained us with a Green Day punk rock infused version of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" before INFUSE Band took an encore with a rock version of "Angels We Have Heard On High".

Not many presents this year, besides family, there is only ONE present which I got from a friend. Very nicely wrapped. Not disclosing what's inside. But its the thoughts that count. =)

Got a pair of good Adidas shoes for mom. Not for sports purpose but mainly for the casual ladylike walking shoes. Since I already got a pair of shoes for dad last Christmas, I could not figure out what to get for him this year, I thought a bottle of Yomeishu will do the trick.

And I got a new wallet and a new contour pillow from them. Seriously they have been asking me what do I want as pressies. Well, at least I can identify these are my needs that I will be using them. Do I look like I'm a spoilt brat who will "extort" an iPad from them? Hehe... At least I pampered myself with a WHITE Christmas gift in the form of a new smartphone, Galaxy S+

 All in all, Christmas 2011 was indeed a blast compared to the year before. It was on a Sunday and I was worship leading that morning. And I unleashed a pigging out spree on Christmas eve dinner, all 3 meals on Christmas Day itself. Had breakfast and dinner in 2 different churches and a buffet lunch in my friend's open house. Heheheeee...

Until then, for the remaining days of 2011, its reflection time again and for some, setting some resolutions for the new year. Well, by the time I'm finished with this post, it should be time wishing you a great and COLOURFUL (like this photo) year ahead! =D

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