Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Folie Folie Cafe and Grill

Although it has been opened for a couple of years (I think), I only paid a visit last week. Time to give my parents a good dinner treat. Mom went for Traditional Fish and Chips as she could not really find something she likes from the limited choices in the menu. 2 pieces of battered Dory fish on a bed of crinkle cut fries. Served with a bed of lettuce and Thousand Island sauce. Dory fish flesh was a bit too moist and bland. The fries was not fried to perfection, a bit overdone.

Roasted Chicken Leg with a choice of Mushroom/Black Pepper Sauce. Served with generous servings of baked potatoes and baby tomatoes. The potatoes are well flavoured from the inside out. The chicken if a bit too dry to my liking. Perhaps it would be better if a bit more gravy were to go along with it.

This is their version of Cabonara served with Chicken Ham (its a pork free restaurant). The presence of the creamy gravy is not really sensed by the eye but was detected by your taste buds. The strong aroma of cheese boosted this dish to be more appetizing. The shitake mushrooms were one of my favourite. Lightly sauteed with a faint hint of garlic, it added a touch of umami and was the saving grace as I always looked upon  the bacon bits to play its significant part in a good old plate of Carbonara. Despite being a bit dryer, the version here is not bad.

Carlsberg is the only draft beer available. Half a pint at RM8. That's quite a steal. And their 1/2 pint seems to be quite a lot. Maybe its due to the tall glass design. I really like the beer here. Although its draft beer, its not too dilute or "less gassy".

Baked Cheese Rice with Seafood in White Sauce. A well done effort compared to the likes of Wong Kuok/Kim Gary. The rice seems to have a mild wok hei which I think they pan fry it a little to get rid of excess moisture and to lock in the fragrance. This extra step plays a big role to avoid the dish being too messy and moist when mixed with the creamy sauce and cheese later.

Beef bacon with Enoki Mushroom rolls. No pork bacon as its a pork free cafe. They were a bit too generous with the enoki, making is a bundle so big that its very hard for one go inside your mouth

The plate of Grilled Lamb Cuts (RM10.80). Very robust in flavour. Well marinaded. Meaty. But a bit on the chewy side. Makes good partnership with your booze. 

Folie-Folie Cafe and Grill is situated in the same compound as Kelab Gemilang Perak. Dunno what so grand about this club. Maybe got snooker centre, gym and sauna only gua.... The next time I'm here, I will come with a group of friends to unwind with the live band.


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