Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lee Burger

Talk about procrastination. These photos have been in my handphone for over a month and I decided to just do a quick coverage on Lee Burger, Bercham (corner shop behind the GP Food Court). Though near to my workplace, I only ate once or twice for lunch as I'm a firm believer that good food must be enjoyed in a slow paced, stress free period. Having the thought of need to return back to work after eating makes me sulk

There is nothing really extra spectacular about Lee Burger. Not the ambiance definitely, as it is not air conditioned. But its mainly the style of their Western food here. How many of you grew up visiting Thum's Western Food in Wooley for your Western Food Fix? I'm sure you will find the brown sauce used here very familiar. Not to mention the onion rings and the garlic toast served along with it...

Fancy a more filling meal? Opt for rice instead. There have Chicken Chop Rice, Pork Chop Rice, etc... mostly under RM10 but still it cost more than how you would normally spend on an average lunchtime right?

That is why I went during dinner. Enjoying my Chicken Cordon Bleu slowly (around RM13... forgot the price). You should by now noticed that the side dishes for the chops are the same. The crinkle cut fries, onion rings (from real whole rings of onions, lightly battered and fried), garlic toast and some coleslaw on a bed of lettuce. Having so much fried stuffs on the side, I could not imagine ordering Chicken Maryland.

Thankfully for my plate of Cordon Bleu, the brown sauce will make sure your meal will not be a dry one. A slice of ham and melting out in gusto as you dissect that deep fried slab of meat. By the way, they serve a PORK version of Cordon Bleu too.

The black pepper lamb chop (around RM17) comes in a generous portion, grilled to perfection. For most food items in the menu, you can top up RM3 on your ala carte price and upgrade it to be a set meal. RM3 means a bowl of soup of the day, drinks of either ice lemon tea/ iced lime and a serving of watermelon for dessert.

If that doesn't fill your stomach, and you do not feel like ordring spaghetti or sandwiches they have some Oriental offerings like Curry mee, stir fried chinese dishes and Red Wine Chicken Mee Suah (as shown as picture above). Served in a claypot, the serving is substantial for a person (around RM10) with a lot of boneless chicken meat. You feel the tinge of ginger alongside the red wine paste from Setiawan (not very generous in portion as the soup did not turn awfully red like those in Setiawan). If a bit more sesame oil is used, then it will be perfect. There you go, review of Lee Burger, Bercham! Happy weekend folks!

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Anonymous said...

Hi,mr lee tian seng tq 4 remembering THUMS BURGERWESTERNi food in Woolley F C in IP GDN.Happy that u have drop at my shop in Bercham oppside the food court Lees western food,cause I m one of the main family member too! !.Prehaps u may sometime drop by 4 breakfast ,new menu hot chili pan mee ,deep fried tofu & more soon 2 come. From:Miss THUM..............GBU. TQ.