Thursday, March 8, 2012

Valentine Day @ Euro House

Love is in the air.... Let me start this post with one of my famous Mandarin love song duet. =)

 The song is great and I slowly loop that in my play list as I'm typing this post. First phone: Atmosphere/Ambiance CHECKED! Clusters of pink, red and purple balloons decorated the whole ceiling and wall. Heart shaped balloons were given to couples.... and also "single" ladies.

 Booze CHECKED! Happy Hour rates CHECKED! RM60 for a Tower of Carlsberg draft before 7pm. From 7-9pm, its RM70 for a tower. RM80 for 9pm onwards. *humming to the tune of the song* I gotta feeling.... that tonight's gonna be a good night!

 Crazy bunch of friends... CHECKED! Don't be misled, they are attached, just that they have celebrated their V-day in advance. So they have time to gather and have a chill out with me!

Cute girl next door look waitress.... CHECKED. LOL... I shall not elaborated much on how my crazy friends really made me blush big time in front of her. They know I have soft spots for this type of girls. Hehe....

 Had this all in Euro House for this year's Valentine's Day. Initially we wanted to go for dinner in St Mike. But due to reservation problems and they only cater to set dinners only (no ala carte menu), we tried our luck with Euro House. Upon calling, they said most of the tables are reserved by phone booking, so only a small number of tables are allocated for walk-in dining. Upon arriving around 6+, the place was still quite empty.

But good thing that we arrived before the romantic couples turned up, resulting into prompt service and serving of our food. Two of us tried their set dinner. Priced at RM45, one get a Herb Goat Cheese Salad. with  tuile cracker and kiwi dressing, a main course and a complimentary "house wine" which was quite an awful tasting beverage. The salad was refreshing, the goat cheese being creamy, light and mildly spiced with herbs and salt.

 There are 2 main course to choose between Angus Tenderloin and Chargrilled Parrot Fillet. Both of friends do not take beef and opted for the fish. It was a substantial portion, juicy and fresh. Lemon butter sauce was drizzled on top of the fish which was lightly marinaded in herbs. A serving of Ratatouille (sauteed assorted vegetables, usually in tomato puree) and mashed potatoes were served as a bed for the fillet of fish. Well presented and tasted decent.

 We really like here for giving us the liberty to choose from the ala carte menu on V-day, unlike most places. One of my colleagues went for the creamy Cabonara-like pasta. This dish uses Linguine, served with de-shelled medium sized prawns and brocolli. This pasta is around RM20 if I'm not mistaken. I love the creamy sauce but not very fond of the "dry" and "flat" mouthfeel of Linguine. Still love Angel Hair the most....

I had almost the whole pizza on my own. The BBQ Chicken pizza (RM20) is full of smoked chicken breast, chicken ham and pineapple on a BBQ sauce glazed dough, with melted mozarella cheese. The crust is very thin and one could easily finished the whole pizza on himself.

Chicken Fajitas (RM16) is a Mexican infused dish of grilled meat (normally chicken or beef) served on top of a flat tortilla bread alongside vegetables like bell peppers, onions, lettuce and tomatoes. The tortilla is really thin, just like popiah skin but the amount of "toppings/filling" can fill up one's stomach easily with a mug of booze.

This year's Valentine's Day was so colourful spent with you... Till then, I'm still waiting for love. End this post with Qi Dai Ai by JJ Lin and Jin Sha. ^^

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