Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wrap Up : Penang Trip

 It was my first time doing a full body massage. It came "complimentary" with the hotel room we booked. Really an "eye opening" experience for me during that 45 minutes. After a rejuvenated me... I was hoping to for some "nite life" in Penang...

 But the drizzle left us stranded but to simply grab some hawker food in Gurney Drive. The food here sucks!  Despite the warning from a few of my Penang friends, the dinner here spoilt my mood for the night... and practically the whole remaining trip. I will just fo with 1 photo here, which is the Penang Chee Cheong Fun. Doused in a black sweet sauce with prawn paste (he ko), I am not accustomed to the taste. Still prefer savoury type of mushroom gravy + curry (Ipoh's version).

 Fast forward to the 3rd day (NO NIGHT LIFE, NO BEER, NO CLUBBING last night makes a grumpy and black faced me the next morning), we had some Dim Sum opposite the hotel. It's the "self service" type, grab a tray and point to those items which you fancy.

 Looks like a bakery/cake shop more than a Dim Sum place right? Common, no matter how hard you try, nothing beats Ipoh Dim Sum okay. =D

 We reached the Mainland to have an early lunch before proceeding back to Ipoh. I heard some "good comments" from my colleague about the Hokkien Mee (Prawn Mee) in Chai Leng Park. Upon checking from the blog posts from other foodies, I had mixed feedbacks on this shop named Lean Gaik.

 Upon arriving on my table, I think there will be another count in the negative feedback. Firstly, the soup was so dilute. It looks nice from the orange-reddish hue from the prawn oil, but the broth underneath was pretty much tasteless. Not only I DID NOT get to "top up fried mantis prawns" (as described by my colleague), the existing prawns (I think better call them SHRIMPS) is so small. Even the fried shallots can match its size!!! The ingredients portion is so skimpy!

Let me show you what I call PRAWN MEE! Even my home cooked version using instant noodles can beat it NINE STREETS!!! Check out my recipe here:

 The braised herbal chicken legs. Not too bad, with a tinge of spiciness from the dried chillies.

Because the SHRIMP noodles portion is skimpy and most of the items in the menu (LOR BAK, FRIED POPIAH CHICKEN, etc) were NOT available, we resolved into ordering a portion of Roast Pork to facilitate the eating of the lacklustre noodles.... 

In conclusion, have a local to guide you instead of getting 3rd party feedbacks  from blogs. You might save your time from a few rotten eggs in the list of Penang Street Food.

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