Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tang Shifu, AEON Station 18

"To convey life esthetic through nourishing culture". This is the motto of Tang Shifu, the latest addition to the eating list for Ipohians. Tang Shifu went into F&B business back in 2008 with vast experience in Chinese medicine, herbs and tonic drinks since 1991. Based in Johor, their business has expanded to the central region, spanning over 10 outlets and now, the craze has hit the Northern region. And Ipoh was chosen to be the first (I'm not sure whether any outlet was opened in Penang)

Dang Gui Stewed Pork With Rice (RM7.90 - for white rice, RM8.90 for brown rice). The stewed pork was tender and flavourful with the right amount of saltiness. Served with some black fungus (muk yi), the portion is quite substantial for a hassle free lunch.

Dried Scallops & Petite Abalone Mixed Rice (RM12.90). A thick gravy with chopped mushrooms and dried scallop makes this dish something like the "kai lup fan" concept, but of course with some PETITE abalone. I did not manage to catch a proper individual photo of the "petite" abalone, but these tiny morsels are the same ones you find in certain premium style of serving Yee Sang. Yup, the size are just slightly larger than watermelon/sunflower seeds.

Mee Suah with Herbs And Red Wine Set (RM13.90) -  Served with a whole drum stick. The broth is actually totally similar like "Drunken Chicken Stew" served when mothers are under confinement. Best taken when hot as the mee suah will turn soggy over time. Since it's a set meal, it comes with a small plate of stewed black beans and stewed pork as sides.

Broccoli with Sliced Abalone & Scallop (16.90). I'm not that blessed to be eating abalone regularly, so I can judge and evaluate the standard and quality of the sliced abalone used in this dish. To be honest, it has a bland taste. On the other hand, the scallop was succulent, not the freshest but still beats most places. At least it was fresher than the one served in David's Dinner Seafood Platter. The wolf-berries add a slight aroma when taken together with the vegetables. There are other few vegetables dishes for those who makes greens as a compulsory dish.

 Ginkgo With White Fungus Dessert (RM5.90) - This dessert is said to sooth and cool down a heaty body system. Ginkgo nuts, its proven to improve memory.

Dried Pear with Chuan Bei (RM5.90)  - A bit too sweet to some, but just right for me. The aftertaste of "rock sugar"/ honey used coupled with the essence of pear is said to sooth the throat and respiratory system. Suits me who have been having dry cough and a sore throat for the last few days.

So, one bowl of nourishing dessert is not enough, I went for a serving of Snow Jelly with Ginkgo (RM8.90). Snow Jelly is actually a type of "winter frog" which is believed also to give soothing effect to the respiratory system... If I'm not mistaken, the proper name for winter frog/snow jelly is Hasma, they are actually dried fatty tissues of a species of frog only to be found in winter season

If you are Public Bank credit/debit card holder, you get a 15% off the bill for at least RM50 spent. Finally, the bank which I loathe the most bringing me some benefit as a consumer/client.

Finally, a suitable eating place for the hardcore elderly with a Chinese taste buds who cannot accept spicy (Malay), creamy (Western) or raw (Japanese). Sometimes its hard to bring our parents out for a good meal on special occasions other than posh Chinese restaurants like Mun Choong, perhaps you might wanna give this place a try. They do serve slightly more exotic dishes like Birds Nest (ranging from RM29.90 to the more premium quality at RM129) Poon Choi is also available at RM129 for 2 pax, Mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall at RM69.90. Well, it has dishes which caters to everyone's budget (Example: I had the herbal tea eggs at RM2.90 for 3 pieces) ^^

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