Thursday, July 12, 2012

OldTown White Coffee Carnival of the Green 2012

With the theme “Go Green for Life”, Oldtown Berhad organized Carnival of the Green 2012’ to create awareness of green living at Dataran Bandaraya Ipoh.  In support of Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh and Malaysian Nature Society Perak, ‘Carnival of Green 2012’ was conducted 3.00pm to 11.00pm on 16 June 2012.  
Back tracking... it was a hot day for those who volunteered to help out setting up the booth, packing gifts and coordinating the rehearsal.

This is the first time seeing AU YONG the CLOWN without the makeup. And it's my first time witnessing him performing a magic show. The tricks were interesting but he could improve by interacting more with the crowd.

SUPERSTAR Beauty School has been our partners for OldTown events, primarily sponsoring free make up services for your Annual Dinner committee members and performers. This time around, they took part in the Go Green Fashion Show. Most of their clothing material for the dress is made from recyclable material/scrap.

While the stage events at the early stages received quite lukewarm attention, the games booth seems to be getting warm response from the visitors.

The crowd do not mind dirtying themselves with flour to win some prizes.

The carnival primarily aims at creating awareness in the young minds the importance of going green and it brings together Oldtown staffs, environmentally organizations, environmental loving citizen to raise awareness on green living. It is a special family get-together event not just involving opportunity to educate the local community to be environmentally conscious but to raise fund for children home (Yup, there were a booth or two selling handicrafts)

We got the FlyFM troopers to be part of our events. Live coverages were made 3 times throughout the late afternoon till night.

The duo managed to draw much attention from the afternoon crowd but the night crowd was a bit passive. Wei, Ipoh people, you all dun wan freebies ar? o.O

A sight of good participation in thte freebies giveaway. The dished out OldTown goodies bag which has snacks and tidbits, colouring booklets for kids, OldTown can drinks, notepads and the OldTown "Go Green For Life" T-shirt. On the other hand, we on the committee side had our hands on the FlyFM freebies instead. I got my hands on a FlyFM T-shirt.

This was the opening cultural dance by the MBI dancers. Normal la to have performances representing each ethnic group in our country.

 The event was reperesented by a councillor from Ipoh City Council. OldTown Berhad made a pledge to care about environment and cleanliness by sponsoring thrash bins to MBI.

Presenting hampers to the winners from the game slot winners. If I'm not mistaken this is a game on utilizing recyclable materials to dress up the person.

Fitness dance performance to keep the tempo up for the night.

Energetic Hip-hop dance by D'Artiz Dance Studio to further build up the momentum of the night.

Minutes To Fame Malaysia winner - Joanne Lai, with her Hula Dance performance. As predicted, she used the same old background medley of Under The Sea, Up Up (Jolin Tsai).... I see until sien de >.<

Can you guess what song they are dancing to? K-Pop fans will not have much trouble in identifying this opening pose from the MV. To me, this performance is attractive! ^^

The supposedly highlight of the Carnival - 1/2 hour roof blowing performance by rock band BITTERSWEET. Didn't appease me much though, but might delight our Malay friends.

All in all, it was a fun night working with one another. Until the next event, let's have a free appreciation dinner treat in Impiana Hotel soon! =)

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