Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SnowDream, Taiwanese Shaved Ice Desserts

I was reading about MM’s blog post last night about SnowDream and it struck my mind that I too have a few photos from the few visits there. I was not very sure when did SnowDream started business in Ipoh but it was at the most 2 or 3 months back only. Many would have thought SnowDream is the franchise which was very popular with Taiwanese desserts but the actual franchise name is SnowFlakes.

SnowDream is very close to be the real thing. For those who have tried SnowFlakes, you will see total resemblance in the menu. They only made minor changes in the names to avoid any legal action over patented names, namely the Taro Balls. The biggest different a SnowFlakes fan can notice is they do not have a UFO device notification. Those who have visited SnowFlakes surely wont forget this gadget which they pass to you temporarily while waiting for your order, and lights up when your order is ready, nudging you to collect it from the counter. Instead, this was replaced with a conventional number queue system at the counter.

The modus operandi here is simple. Pick the type of shaved ice you want: grass jelly ice, soya bean ice, syrup ice. Then you pick the toppings combination available. Could not find a proper combination, you can top up certain toppings at an additional charge of RM1. If this still sounds complicated to you, you can opt for the Best Seller Series. All best seller series comes with the signature gummy-chewy like TARO BALLZ.

My personal favourite is still the S1 soya ice with boiled peanuts, red beans, grass jelly, taro balls and pearls. The S2 – grass jelly ice with sweet potato, pearls, grass jelly, taro balls and creamer (something like coconut milk). For hot desserts, currently they only have red bean dessert, comes with either black glutinous rice or taro balls. SnowDream is located in Greentown, the same row with Maxis Centre. Anytime I will prefer this than Chatime. =)

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