Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mooncakes Galore 2012

A bit too late to post up the photos now? After all, its just moments before we have a dinner with family on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. This box was self purchased - the black one is a Mocha Infused Milk Tea mooncake, the white one being the snow skin with red bean paste. One of the remaining two is the Mixed Nuts with Chicken Ham and the other is Black Sesame Lotus Paste Single Yolk.

The inside view of the Black Sesame Lotus Paste Single Yolk dissected in its full glory. Originally was priced at RM16+, but due to less demand, it was slashed to RM10 when I purchased it 2 weeks ago.

The Mocha Infused Milk Tea mooncake. The skin is disappointingly dry, I can't even figure out its a pastry base or is it a artificial chocolate layer.

Snowy skin (Bing Pei) with Red Bean Paste (RM9)

Next, enter Foh San! This box was given by suppliers of my company. Simple box though....

Traditional picks of flavour though. If I'm not mistaken, Foh San mooncake do not have Halal certification unlike Tai Thong, Kings, Baker's Cottage and Kam Lun Tai.

Pandan Jade, Pure Lotus, Shanghai Mooncake and Mixed Nuts. Their Mix Nuts is quite inferior compared to the "cottage industry" scale by Ming Yue Confectionery in Pasir Pinji (opposite Tuck Kee) which I deem the best rendition of Mixed Nuts - aromatic and savoury with strong aroma of sesame oil and.... lard =p

The Packaging of Kam Lun Tai. The Black one was using Charcoal Flour, seems to be a hit recently.

Boxes by the bakery outlets, trying to make a fair share from the lucrative business of overpriced commodity.
Left one by Kings Confectionery, the right one by Baker's Cottage. Loved the one by Baker Cottage, the nicest box this year. =)

This is their "secret weapon" unveiled. Despite the other flavours going at 35%-40% , The Ivory Pearl (loosely termed Yeh Ming Zhu in Cantonese) series stood firm at 20% discount only towards the whole of this week. Many ingredients were incorporated into the lotus filling, namely dried longan, macadamia nuts, winter melon and kuaci wrapped inside a buttery and milky skin.

A glimpse of the inside of the Yeh Ming Zhu. Loved the filling but not the milky skin though.

The Previous Black was going at a 40% discount, making it around RM10+ towards the last few days this week. Have a similar filling as the Ivory Pearl, the black skin was due to the Charcoal Flour used.

The interior of the Previous Black....

Bought a Cheesy Chocolate-Oreo since Tiramisu was sold out. I loved the Tiramisu as they use cream cheese to mimic the salted egg yolk centre. Wicked! =D

*More photos to come, but I need to go yumchar now. So post this up temporarily to wish all my readers HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL*

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