Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shin Chan Ramen, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh

This question still lingers in my mind... Why all the Japanese restaurants like to choose Ipoh Garden East, particularly the Bandar Baru Medan as their business ground? The income per capita of residents is higher? Haha... The new addition which I patronized this week is Shin Chan Ramen. The location of this shop is just at the new row of shops opposite Hokkaido Japanese Cuisine.

Their specialty here is.... duh! Ramen, what else? Came here with another colleague to kick off Monday blues and we were welcomed with a menu with items which prices are on par with other Japanese restaurants. So much for the "Ramen" moniker, this is just another Japanese restaurant wannabe. I choose their signature item, self named noodle dish - Shin Chan Ramen (RM15). It comes with clear shoyu broth with a few slices of pork (fondly termed as chasu), corn, pickled carrots (I think...) and half a slice of egg. They add a small slab of butter to be melted in the broth, resulting in an oily encounter. Tastewise, this didn't really appeal me. The pork slices have an obvious "porky odour". I felt this is far from being authentic Ramen taste, more like "fusion" food if you ask me.

This is the Kim Chi Ramen (RM14). Errr... you don't find any other ingredients other than the pickled cabbage. No meat. Nothing. I must praise it for the piquant and appetizing broth. But RM14 for a "plain" bowl of noodles, a hefty price to pay if you ask my opinion. Noodles texture is acceptable, near al dente, but still nothing really outstanding to brand their eatery as a Ramen restaurant.

The Gyoza (RM9) is quite good, in my opinion. Pan fried with a light crisps and moist in the centre with filling of minced pork and "kucai". Dip it in vinegar or soya sauce provided to wrap up a filling lunch.

As I said, this is just another wannabe Japanese restaurant who wants a fair share of the tough competition here by having Bento rice sets like Teriyaki Chicken, Unagi, Tori Karaage, Tempura Don, etc. However I did not recall seeing sushis in their menu. Bento price would be at average RM20.

Green tea is at RM1.50/head and fruit juice at RM5. I suggest you just go for beer instead at RM7.50 if you are not dining during office hours. A 10% service charge is imposed, which annoys me for and additional RM4+ making the total bill to be near RM50 for 2 person. Would you want to have a try in this new place? You may as the ambience is kinda cosy and quiet but the food is just so-so with standard Japanese restaurant price tag.

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