Saturday, September 1, 2012

OTK Studio, Greentown Soft Launch for OldTown Staff.

Hey! If anyone of you are expecting a food review, you might be slightly disappointed. This post will be dedicated to introduce to you an entertainment option in Ipoh, that is Karaoke. Apart from E-Box in Ipoh Garden Plaza, K-box in Kinta City and Ipoh Parade, looks like people in Ipoh don't really have much options to sing your heart out. How bout considering OTK Studio?

Yup, the maiden outlet was opened on top of OldTown White Coffee, Greentown outlet in early 2011. And now, we have the second branch on top of Oldtown White Coffee Gunung Rapat. Previously a double storey outlet, the OTWC now only operates on ground floor, giving way for the karaoke joint to take place in the first and second floor.

So what makes this second joint much different from the first branch is the interior decor and setting up. There are more rooms to cater for small groups (less than 4). Rather than squeezing you in cramped up room for a small group, they decided to modify the rooms to be like a "recording studio", as seen in the photo above. Standing mic for the 2 singers and a standing tall chair are provided just like how those acapella performers in cafes serenade you.

Sound system is just as good as the first outlet, incorporating BNB sound system. We had our free singing session, a soft launch for OldTown staffs. On that night, the touch screen panel is not operational yet due to pending chipset. Hence we have to settle for the remote control. Else, the song selection style is similar to the one in OTK Studio, Greentown. Read my review by clicking to this link:

There are rooms of various capacity to fit different group sizes. The one we were in that night can fit a group of 8-10 people. Smaller groups can try out the "recording studio" room as shown earlier.

The rooms come in different colour themes. We were in the Yellow Room but other colours like Purple and Red are available too.

And the best of it all, there have this SUPER HUGE room which is ideal for birthday parties. During the softlaunch we took a photo of it, the room was not ready yet that night, else I would've tried it.

This is the official photo released from their website after renovation and installation of the speakers and floor carpet. It gives you the feeling of booking a mini lounge all for yourself. Those who wanna sing can linger around at the tall tables and chair set in the middle while waiting for their turns to perform "on stage". Those who are not singing can actually enjoy their meal or drinks at the side tables on comfy sofas. Tentatively, this room is only opened for members advanced booking with certain terms and conditions - Eg: minimum head count for cover charges or minimum spending. Fair enough, since they are giving you privacy for a group of 20-30 people.

So there you have it - OTK Studio just on top of Gunung Rapat OldTown. Previously boss belanja us, so next week we are returning again on our own. No official rates yet, but rumours have it that it will be slightly higher than the rates in OTK Studio, Greentown. Do check out their FB fan page if you wish to enquire them for charges and bookings. But for a different setting than your usual karaoke joint, why not give it a try?

Till then, have a great Merdeka weekend while yours truly occupies himself with tuition classes and at the same time thinking of new places to eat and review. Cheers! =)

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