Sunday, September 16, 2012

Papa John Pizza, Aeon S18

Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians!!! Since it's a public holiday for everyone, I'm sure most of you who are not traveling oustation would love to try out some new food. Today's short post will be on Papa John's Pizza, who has just opened in Aeon Station 18 more than a month ago. Photos were taken way back earlier but somehow I missed out to write about this.

Information from their website states that Papa John is the 3rd largest pizza chain in the world. It just only made its foothold in the sleepy town of Ipoh thanks to Berjaya Corp who had faith in penetrating Ipoh market. Something different here in Papa John: you are served with tomato puree, butter oil and a stalk of jalapeno peppers as the sides. But somehow, the generic chilli flakes, tabasco, salt and pepper are not to be seen on our table.

 Currently they are having lunch sets at an economical RM9.90 from 12pm to 3pm EVERYDAY! They don't really promote the lunch sets, you have to ask them to give you the flyers/pamphlets. Else, you will have to settle for sets around RM30 for 2 person, just like Pizza Hut. This is a personal sized SUPER PAPA - which is similar to Pizza Hut's Super Supreme. It has a bit of everything.... those who do not take beef will have to skip this.

 There are only a few choices of flavours available for the lunch sets. Not all are appealing flavours. Hence we ordered a ala carte serving of Mexican Ole - chicken meat, corn kernels, "spicy" jalapeno peppers and onions. There are other noteworthy flavours which I really wanted to try. Among it is the All The Meat, which is similar to Dominos Meat Lover.

Pizza wise, the base is definitely better than Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is well known (until now) to serve undercooked dough-ey like base! I'm not sure is their baking temperature and time setting problem or the thick layer of cheese and toppings always cause the base to be undercooked, resulting in a goey and chewy like texture of PH pizzas. The slight flaw in Papa John is.... the cheese used is less rich and lack the cheesy appeal/aroma. But of course, the major flaw of the day would be the plate of ala carte wedges as shown (RM4.90 - served cold, some pieces are so small its like eating D grade potatoes)

If you are dining in 2 or 3, perhaps you might wanna settle for the lunch sets to try abit of everything. Besides the pizza, you can choose to have pasta or pizza pockets (also known as Cazone. Google it if you wanna know more). A RM9.90 lunch comes with mushroom soup and a glass of diluted ice lemon tea. The mushroom soup is quite nice, creamy and full of mushroom bits. So there you are, if you are still making up your mind what new things to try out in Ipoh. If not, there is always Wendy's, which is also opened in Aeon S18. Till then, cheers!

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