Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wendy's, AEON Station 18

Here's just a short post to kick the Sunday Night blues away. Wendy's has arrived in Ipoh 2 months back then. Now situated in the ground floor of AEON S18, let's see what this fast food chain (under Berjaya Corp too) has to offer. 

There have economical sets from RM5.95 to RM6.95 ranging from Chicken Burgers to Mushroom Beefburgers/Cheeseburgers, which comes with a regular fries and small carbonated drinks (refillable). Premium sets will be available at around RM10+ for double patties burger of their signature shrimp burger. I really like their fries, which comes with potato skin, a sign that I'm eating whole potatoes and not mashed potato+flour. The baked potatoes tasted good as well (RM6.95 for a side order) and I picked the Chilli and Cheese flavour. Chilli here refers to their minced beef sauce, which is similar to your balognaise sauce with kidney beans! Flavourful and rich, highly recommended! I find the burgers here acceptable, though some loyal McD fans will not nod in agreement, well at least it's way better than KFC. Do drop by and try it out if you can't decide what to eat in AEON S18.

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