Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hokkaido Japanese Sushi Buffet in partnership with Groupon

Groupon F&B partners failed me miserably on the previous 2 purchases (Sky Lounge and Barossa Japanese Cuisine). Good thing this time around, its was not disappointing. Hokkaido Japanese Cuisine took part and the response was simply overwhelming. Only available for lunch (12-2pm), they now opened another slot (3pm-5pm) to cater to the multitudes who purchased this online voucher.

This promo is around RM19/person. You are given a laminated card to choose from the various type of sushi and handrolls. Sushi can come in single piece, not necessarily 2 pieces per order. These are among the ones we had. Of course, go for the Salmon, Tuna to breakeven your RM19 worth. The sushis has a big piece of rice to ensure your stomach will be full in no time.               

Considering the sushis are mass produced in advance. It it better to order the handrolls. After all, the amount of rice is just slightly more since the sushi rice is also big in portion. The soft shell crab temaki and the ebi ten temaki are good options to pick since they are the only items with fried ingredients in it. After eating so much raw stuff, fried stuffs tastes so damn good. Especially when the temaki are made to order, resulting in a crispy seaweed sheet, cool mayonnaise and crunchy greens to complement the lightly battered fried seafood! I had identical second helping of the two above. 

There are other handrolls like the California Roll, Natto (Fermented Beans), Minced Salmon Salad, Tuna Belly Salad, Avocado Roll. I feel that the temaki is not that "jelak" compared to the nigiri sushis. The couple on next table ordered twice a tray of temaki of 6 rolls each. Imagine downing 6 handrolls and another platter of sushi. Salute their bottomless pit!

The Salmon Mentai is not bad - having lightly cooked with mayonnaise and fish roe, it's indeed more savoury compared to the rest. So this wrap up a satisfying Groupon purchase (finally!) in Ipoh F&B. It's already at the midpoint of the week, hold you heads up high and look forward to the weekend. Cheers everyone!

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