Friday, October 12, 2012

Secret Recipe Premium Flavours

Secret Recipe has launched 2 new PREMIUM flavours recently at RM10 per slice and RM120 for a whole cake. Just tried it last week. This will be a short post before I jump to bed and head to KL tmrw morning for more gastronomical adventure this weekend 

 Absolute Chocolate: Premium Cocoa, soft truffles with crispy croquantine, dark cocoa sponge, velvety chocolate cream and bitter chocolate ganache. Though very rich and it may appease almost every chocolate lover, one will have trouble finishing the whole slice by himself due to the richness and strong cocoa aftertaste.

Turkish Indulgence: Chocolate & light Cream Cheese Layer, rose flavour gummy candy, marshmallow, pistachio crumbles and dark chocolate melt. This slice has a myriad of flavour combination compared to the Absolute Chocolate. Personally, I prefer this than the former as the cream cheese layer gave some refreshment to the tastebuds from all the rich chocolate aftertaste.

So much for this post, have a great weekend everybody! =)

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