Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fai Kee Fish Head Noodles & Hawker Gems at Medan Selera Stadium

Fai Kee is a familiar name when it comes to fish head noodles. Besides the outlet in Greentown, they are operating a branch in Medan Selera Stadium for breakfast until lunch period. For RM6.00 you get fish head in a sourish and piquant broth flavoured with preserved vegetables, tomatoes, sour plum and ginger. Somehow the version in Ipoh has mimicked the KLites way of cooking by incorporating evaporated milk into the broth, resulting into a slightly milkier and murkier broth.

Besides fish head beehoon, they also can whip up a tummy warming bowl of congee. They are various type of congee namely pork with century egg, pork with mixed offal, fish slices, etc. The one in this photo is the Mixed Pig Offal Congee. (loosely translation of Chu Chap Chuk) I made a mistake placing order for this as the only attractive part about this congee is the fried small intestines. Yes, I do not really take pork liver, kidney, lungs, coagulated pig’s blood, etc.

Next, we have the stadium tau fu far which has a myriad of choices – namely the honeydew soya milk, black soya milk, tau fu far with glutinous rice ball. The tau fu far is still slightly inferior when compared with Funny Mountain, perhaps the latter scored in terms of the fragrant sugar syrup.

Besides all this, the other row houses Seng Loong fried noodles, which I don’t really fancy it because he only give me one(1) piece of prawn on my whole plate of RM3.50 fried noodles!!!. Can u imagine that? My friend who ate fried noodles got 2 pieces but smaller sized prawn. Lousy fella! Boycott!!!!

The mamak stall nearby Seng Loong and the famous Min Chee Wan Tan mee also serves decent roti canai if you can endure the wait of about at least 10 minutes? The roti canai dough is prepared and given a good work out creating thin and light and crispy roti canai! Top it up with some Ais Kacang perhaps for a good lunch. This would be a good place for a lunch if you are tired of the chap fan nearby you office! =)

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