Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tummy Tuckers - Home Made Biscuits

It was just about a month ago when I was contacted by a Director of an FnB Group, enquiring me on the acceptability of a Tapas and Wine Bar among Ipohians. I'm very glad that somehow my blog get its fair share of attention too in cyberspace and I hope I'm of a help them. Next, I'm approached by a chruch friend to do a simple review and promo on her home made biscuits under the brand name TUMMY TUCKERS. So here we go, my maiden formal review by request. :) I was provided some samples, which I believe are now available for Christmas season and Chinese New Year.

This is one of the must-have in CNY... The Peanut Cookie. Need me to elaborate more? I didn't enquire so detail on the recipe but I hope lard is included in the process as its really an integral ingredient to boost the aroma and also make the texture of this traditional cookie abit more "crumbly"

This is actually a ROUND Pineapple Tart. I'm not too used to this version. Taste wise its good, the filling is not too sweet, having the tinge of acidity to make it really addictive. However, I still prefer the Pineapple ROLLS shape. I think Tummy Tuckers also offer this version, perhaps you might wanna contact them for further details as the Pineapple Rolls might be a bit more expensive due to the extra workmanship. Else, you can drop me a line personally, my mom is also baking Pineapple Rolls for CNY. :)

This is the Oatmeal Sunflower Seed Crunch Cookie. This is a resemblance to the traditional Walnut Cookies (核桃酥). Texture wise is very light and of a slight crisp on the exterior and with crumbs falling from the inside. It would be perfect if there aroma is a bit stronger in terms of the eggs and butter used.

Last but not least among the samples I've tasted, this is my personal favourite - Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies! Very rich in cocoa and the chopped almond makes this a good nibble while watching the TV or just chit chatting with your friends and family. All these for RM15 a jar (price may subject to change, its best you drop Tummy Tuckers a message)

The 4 samples above can be individually packed and fit inside a jar just like the picture above. Tummy Tuckers have a sealing machine and your packing preference can be made upon request. By the way, the content in this jar is named the Melting Moments. Made with rich and creamy butter, topped with desiccated coconut and a cherry on top. Its a perfect accompaniment with a cup of tea or coffee. RM19 per jar as quoted in the page.

Else, you can opt for the gift pack jar packaging. There will be surplus which you need to contact Tummy Tuckers on the extra in pricing to get the jar nicely wrapped. I expect this gift will be a hit during Christmas season.

They do offer plastic packaging for smaller portions - suitable for festive seasons, door gifts for events like parties, tea reception, weddings, anniversary, etc.

 ....Or the box type. Do contact them and make arrangements! This is the Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies packed within.

Oh, one more item! This is the Fruitcake Cookies. Yes, this is not your traditional fruit cake. It's a delightful mix of fruits and nuts with a hint of alcohol. Very rich in flavour, every bite if full of nuts and mixed fruits - cherries, sultanas, orange peel and topped with dessicated coconuts and cherries. Suits the WHITE Christmas theme perfectly.

RM6.50 per box of eight, RM9.00 a dozen, RM17.00 for two dozen. This is the prize quoted from their page. One can opt to be packed in the box as the photo above, just like how macarons and packed.

Delivery for cookies can be arranged. Do LIKE their Facebook page to keep track for new recipes and promotion this festive season. You can search for Tummy Tuckers in Facebook or just click on this URL:

Disclaimer: The person behind Tummy Tuckers is from my church. I did not receive any form of payment/benefits for this review/advertisement. Rest assured its neutrally and professionally (as much as possible) written. ^^

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