Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hokkaido Cheese Cake

Thanks to my friend for getting me the Hokkaido Cheese Cake. Finally I managed to try it after my failed attempt to do so in my previous visit to KL, hoping to taste the famous one from RT Pastry House. Perhaps I do not frequent cake shops/bakery very often in Ipoh. These are purchased in a new bakery called Bread Talk, somewhere near Taman Soon Choon.

The Oreo Cheese Tart is just so-so. Nothing really spectacular. Maybe its because I prefer fruity flavours to go along with my cream cheese filling. The Hokkaido Cheese Cake is soft and fluffy. Just like a cotton sponge.

The Cream Cheese filling lacked some kick. But it did not overpower the whole cake as a whole. This makes me even more curious to try out the few famous Hokkaido Cheese Cake in KL for comparison. Till then, happy long weekend! :)

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