Monday, December 17, 2012

RT Pastry House Delights and Mochi Sweets

Ah, when I don't update my blog, I can really procrastinate for weeks. But once the passion of writing about food kicks in, there will be strings of post. And tonight, I will do a short writeup on something which I left out when I was in KL last October which is my supper in my colleague's house. Yeah, I was kinda full after the dinner at Uncle Jang and having pearl milk drink in DingTea but I couldn't resist to open this box! :D

The Moo Moo Cake is actually similar to the swiss roll in the market, just that it comes inside a very cute paper box which a cow design printed on it. A small slice of this Moo Moo Cake will have you refraining from taking a second helping due to the richness and milkiness of the cream. Well, I actually had a second slice but I scooped away most of the cream. Tastewise, it is nothing really special, but more to a feast to the eyes, especially among kids. By the way, do you know that the black spots are created by using bamboo charcoal flour? :)

 RT Pastry House has been one of the top food hunt list when I decided to make a trip down KL. I heard that their Japanese Light Cream Cheese is worth dying for. Besides that, their Azuki Green Tea Bread is well sought after too. True enough, my colleague said they were sold out when they went to the shop as early as 11am. Well, I'm not sure whether they do bake more batches. She got me a a quite gigantic cheese tart instead. I planned to have this cheese tart for the following day's breakfast but forgotten as I left the house in a rush. So, didnt get to taste it...

I mean, how could one finish up a heavy and fattening supper. Yes, I ate up this Strawberry Mochi too besides the 2 slices of Moo Moo Cake. The Mochi is huge, this photo was taken AFTER I have taken a bite. I really like the soft and lightly gooey Mochi skin but was guilty from the huge amount of cream at the centre.

Side tracking a bit, I came across this premium Mochi dessert shop in The Gardens when I was in KL just few days ago. Mochi Sweets - Japanese Luxury Sweets, as its name goes, is not very cheap in pricing. Price ranges from RM3/50-RM4 per mochi! The mochi size is kinda big, nearly the size of a Man Tou. I was tempted to buy but in the end I decided to pass because I read in the reminder in their brochure that it is to be consumed on the the day of purchase. Besides that, it is best consumed when the Mochi skin turns soft upon defrosting about 20 mins and refreezing after thawing is NOT recommended. Else, I would wanna get some along with me back to Ipoh.

 (Photos were grabbed from Mochi Sweets Facebook fanpage)
Besides The Gardens, Midvalley, they have outlets in Sunway Pyramid, 1 Utama and Pavillion. Really tempted to try them when I drop by KL again. Perhaps somebody wanna join me in sharing a few pieces together so more flavours can be sampled. Until then, stay tuned for write up on my recent KL trip last weekend. Cheers~

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