Monday, January 7, 2013

Alexis. The Gardens, Midvalley

There are many eateries in KL which I missed out throughout my 4 years in uni because I do not have a car. Even so, its not even possible to review the ones which are situated in the malls, which are easily accessible by public transport - there's always the financial limiting factor. Hence, it feels great to be back in KL on a weekend getaway once you have started working. And this stop, its ALEXIS in the Gardens, Midvalley.

It was just a teatime session cum light lunch before I take my train back to Ipoh. So no main courses... just stick to the cakes. Firstly, this is the Moist Chocolate Cake (RM15) - Sweet toothed like yours truly will find this cake kinda monotonous and far from delivering the richness a chocolate cake should have. Lack some cocoa firepower though the texture was indeed soft and moist enough to my liking.

Tiramisu Cake (RM15). A different perspective offered in Alexis - which didn't click well with me, which is introduction of Strawberry Sauce and sugar glazed almonds. The mascarpone cheese light yet creamy presence was felt but the after taste of coffee and the alcohol was somehow missing. The sugar glazed almonds was a bit hard when you lay your teeth on it. Some may think that its a contrasting feel to the creamy and soft cake beneath but I prefer they stick to the authentic recipe. Well, so much for the acclaimed one-of-the-top picks for the best Tiramisu in town. For the same price, I think I should've tried their Pavlova instead. Should've been more adventurous instead...

Price is above your average cafe, after all, this is The Gardens, Midvalley. Main course is mostly at the range of RM20 onwards and beverages could easily touch RM10. I'm not too keen on trying out the main courses here, a tea time session here should suffice to have it done in my checklist. Their signature Tiramisu is not my cup of tea... I will disclose how a proper Tiramisu should appease me in my next review :)

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