Friday, February 15, 2013

A late afternoon treat in DELIcious, Midvalley.

The journey of Klang Valley food hunting continues though not in chronological order though, but I will try to manage them well. The next in line is Delicious, Midvalley. Having a few branches across the Klang Valley, they have now sprung forth in Penang and Singapore as well. According to their website, the first outlet was actually in One Utama but the opening of the Midvalley branch certainly boosted its reputation well. At least I heard of them and was curious to find out more after noticing them in Midvalley. They are pork free and they claim that all their food and non-alcoholic beverages are "halal". But as far as my work experience and knowledge serve me, legally your food is not halal until you are certified halal. Well, for some (or rather most) hardcores firm believers' stand. Enough of introduction, lets move on to the food.

Melting Pot (RM8.90) is actually hot chocolate with marshmallow. The presentation is simple yet lovely - thick later on foam with some cocoa powder topped with marshmallows. Tastewise, its very rich and tummy warming choice, towards the end the last few sips are heavy and concentrated in cocoa flavour. The drink behind is actually a creative Iced Longan + Lemongrass Tea (RM9.90). A whole stalk of lemongrass is immersed partially into the drink and acts as a stirrer.

Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik (RM24.90) comes in a hearty portion of ulam (traditional Malay salad), salted egg, keropok (fish crackers) and a whole drumstick (with thigh). The percik sauce has just a mild degree of spiciness, else you have a lot of green ulam to cool down the spiciness. The sambal-like dip for the ulam tasted a bit...... weird though.

Pasta Cabonara with Crumbed Chicken Tenders (RM12.90) is indeed a steal. But the catch is.... it's from the kids menu. Unless you have a child tagging along, I dare you wouldn't order this. The portion is quite substantial despite being meant for kids. Served with beef bacons (well, can't be pork ma) and doused in creamy sauce, if that doesn't fill a kid up, the chicken tender will wrap up the task.

The KID's Fish and Chips (RM12.90) is more than enough for a child. 3 pieces of battered fish fillets with generous serving of shoestring fries. And there's a sides of cucumber and carrot sticks with baby tomatoes for fibre and vitamins. Looks like they care alot about your kids well being, make sure they are fed well :p

We thought of trying the Afternoon Tea for Two Set (RM59.90 - warm scones with cream, bit sized sandwiches, strawberries with chocolate dip, cookies and a slice of cake of your choice, tea/coffee for 2 pax) but due to one of a friend did not turn up last minute, we skipped this. I went for the Be My Valentine (RM21.90) which is a trio of chocolate ganache with green tea crumbles, Tiramisu creme encased in a chocolate shell and white chocolate pavlova with raspberry and passion-fruit pulp

So this is what's the pavlova is all about. something similar to a meringue based - airy and light and sweet. The tangy passionfruit pulp coupled well and masked the Pavlova sweetness very well. The Tiramisu chocolate shell is just so-so but the chocolate ganache is heavenly and would find its spot well among the chocolate fanatics. Total bill for 2 adults and 1 kid was close to RM100 for all the items here. Quite pricey in my opinion but it would've been a norm for people in KL. Till then, a belated Chinese New Year greetings to all of you out there! Yours truly will be trying his best to keep up to its backlogged food reviews here this festive season.

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