Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flying Chillies, The Gardens, Midvalley

It was 2 weekends in KL back to back due to 2 wedding dinners of my coursemates. Can't say no to a bestie, its once in a lifetime anyway. So I treated it as a partial coursemate reunion and also a chance to explore some food hotspot in KL. As I've said, there are many places which I did not manage to go while I was a student. Not born with a silver spoon in my mouth to have luxurious meals every weekend (in some student case nowadays, EVERYDAY), I have better "firepower" now since I've started working. Of the few places I've been, let me kick start with Flying Chillies, The Gardens, Midvalley.

 It was just a 2 person lunch, so I did have a hard time choosing what items. Firstly, it was the Deep Fried Prawn Wrapped in Wantan Skin (RM9.90) Nothing really spectacular but the prawns are quite succulent indeed and the mouthfeel contrasted well with the crispy spring-roll skin. If you are in a group of 4 or more, you can try a mixture of appetizer platter at around RM18+ which offers you to sample 3-4 items at one go.

Thai Green Mango Salad which is guarantee you a one-way ticket to the extreme burning sensation. In the menu it was mentioned that it is tossed with dried shrimps. I did NOT find any! Ishhh, felt a bit conned for RM14 appetizer. We finished almost half of the portion served as it was really spicy!

Pineapple Fried Rice (RM16.90)- you can opt for Chicken or Prawn. I opted for the Chicken version since the Tomyam I ordered has seafood already and the appetizer earlier had prawns. The rice is whole and grainy. Accompanied by cashew nuts, raisins, pineapple cubes and chicken meat marinated in tumeric, this portion actually is intended for one person only :p

Tom Yam Soup (RM12.90) which will do more than tingle your tastebuds. It literally torches them! You can choose between having all prawns in it or the seafood version. Besides that you can have the White (Clear) version or the Red version. The typical Red version is sour and piquant yet very fiery and deadly. The portion here is actually for 1 single person, but it can easily bring to people to tears. Literally.

Thai Iced Tea (RM10 if I'm not mistaken) is a similar resemblance to those Teh Si Special you get in Chinese Coffeeshops. They said Teh Si Special is originated from the East Coast, Sarawak if I'm not mistaken. The one served here, claiming to be authentic Thai version is more on the milkier side but have less fragrant sugary layer on the bottom. I prefer the palm sugar layer to be full of pandan leaves fragrance, as if you are adding a tinge of gula melaka into your milk tea...

Red Rubbies Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk (RM9) is a personal favourite of mine when it comes to Thai desserts. The version here is pretty decent with creamy and thick coconut milk. It could be better if they were abit more generous with the jackfruit.

Total damage for 2 person is RM100+ - including drinks of SeaCoconut Longan drink and some Minty Lemon drink with the dishes featured above. If you are an AEON card member or you choose to pay by CIMB card, you get a 10% discount. And if you have a great friend, your bill is waived, just like how it happened to me :)

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