Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Deli, Impiana Hotel Ipoh

Hi everybody, hows your long weekend? Kicking off Sunday night blues prior to working Monday, I will bring to your attention one of the hidden gem which I only known about it recently. Yup, I'm sure the Palong Coffeehouse is more well known for their buffets when it comes to dining options in Impiana Hotel (formerly known as Royal Casuarina). I'm sure when I mention The Bistro, it does ring the bell too, after all, I did a review of The Bistro not long ago. And today, I'm gonna do a short write up on the bakery inside Impiana known as The Deli.

Something special worth mentioning is they have a daily promotion of 50% off all sliced cakes and pastry after 8pm. Having said that, there is no discount on sandwiches, whole cakes and drinks of course. You can opt for dining in or take away. Not many sliced cakes to choose from during my visit on a Tuesday night.

Sliced cake is priced at RM9 nett. That will be RM4.50 per slice after the 8pm discount. This is the Black Forest Cake. Despite being on display for few days (I suspect its a good way to get rid of the whole cakes to ensure a healthy and fresh cycle of cakes here), the cake is still moist and I really love the cherries which is sandwiched between the layers. They didn't go overboard with the cream, which makes the whole mouth feel very appealing... Do consider picking this.

This is the Chocolate Moist Cake which is sadly... not very moist already. I would suggest that you avoid this or perhaps it has been in place for more than a couple of days. The chocolate layer on the top has kinda "dried up" and the cake layers beneath is no longer moist. A bit jelak though its just a relatively small slice.

As I mentioned, the pastries are included in the 50% discount. Normal priced at RM8, the Apple Danish is RM4 after discount which is quite a steal. After reheating in the mircrowave, the pastry is not as flaky as the fresher ones in other bakeries but the tangy filling is still piping hot. Generous portion of apple cubes induced with cinnamon. Not too bad actually... Well, they do serve Chicken Pies and Beef Pies if you wish to go for something savoury besides sweet pastries.

As I mentioned, drinks ARE excluded from the 50% promo. Feeling a bit paiseh for 3 glasses of sky juice, I decided to give a shot to the Ice Blended Mocha (RM15). In the end it turns out that this beverage is more expensive than 3 portions of cakes/pastries altogether (RM13). So peeps, I suggest you takeaway the cakes if you are on a budget.

Else, order a drink which cost at least RM10 and take your own sweet time chatting in an environment which is quite quiet and have some privacy if you are going for a date perhaps? If you are looking for a some live band performance, do drop by The Bistro a lot away. It depends very much on who are you dining with right? Till then, enjoy your gastronomic experience! Cheers!

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