Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tea Time with Kah Woh @ Beacon Point

 I have not been so politically aware or inclined until recently. BERSIH, Black Rally, ceramahs, operasi tahan at polling stations, I've tried them! The sad part was I did not made up my mind to volunteer to be a PACA (Polling Agent, Counting Agent) this election. Anyway, here is another FISRT in my life! To have an informal meet up with my State Assemblyman. It's not a first time experience for me, but for the Canning State Assemblyman, Wong Kah Woh himself as well.

 Let me give a brief introduction of him. As mentioned, he defended the Canning state seat which he won in the 12th General Elections in 2008. A Universiti Islam Antarabangsa graduate, he has a Law Degree under his sleeve and he is a practising lawyer on top his responsibility in the arena of politics. Happily married and at the age of 33, this man is full of gusto and vibrancy! Yes, he can get fired up and move the crowd in ceramahs yet he can still enjoy a light moment with a small crowd in the cafe, which comprised mostly young voters. Besides opinions and views on politics, the 20+ of us were given a chance to briefly feel the hectic life of a young politician.

 I purposely took leave from work today and it was totally worth it to go up close and personal with a passionate young politician, which so happen shares the same Alma Mater as me. All of us were treated to cheese cakes and a hot cup of coffee/tea or fruit juice. Everybody got a random flavour - I think mine is the Baked New York Cheesecake

On a seperate occasion, I had their Irish Coffee Cheesecake and Blueberry Cheesecake. Really love their Irish Coffee Cheesecake. I am a sucker for alcohol though a minute amount only is incorporated here but the bittersweet aftertaste of the creamy cheese layer is truly memorable!

I wished to snap a picture with him but a bit shy to do so. Hehehehe... Unlike other fan girls. At least an autographed bookmark as souvenir will do. Before leaving, he posted a question to us instead to answer - what makes us stay or what makes us do not want to stay in Ipoh. Looks like its a unanimous decision that graduates are being paid peanuts, considering cost of living is no longer low (petrol, cars, property, food, etc) but I do believe most of us who chose to stay back do agree that Ipoh life is not found elsewhere. A relaxing and enjoyable life in a city branded as "a place for the old and retired".

 I think the two way conversation made us know each other better and also inspired both sides to play a better role in society. This is our first gathering but I'm sure it wont be our last. Hopefully the next time around, we can organize a visit to the State Assembly Building or the Parliament :) Remember, you can't avoid politics even you think it is "dirty". Sitting on the fence and being reluctant to vote because both sides are not perfect ain't bring you anywhere. Evil rejoices when the righteous and just chose to be silent. And mind you, 95% of Mariaville's Saluran 7 have sent you a very resounding voice on what the next generation wants - a cleaner and better Malaysia (besides cheap and tasty delights for my blog) :)

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