Sunday, June 30, 2013

Whisk - Espresso Bar/Bake Shop, Empire, Subang Jaya

Red Velvet Cake - This will be the second time it is making an appearance in my blog. The first appearance was made during my dining experience at Plam B, Midvalley. Not having any benchmark to compare, I've made up my mind that I will make another trip elsewhere for a slice of this brownish red layer cake topped with cream cheese icing frosting. I felt the version here is slightly better than Plan B's. The cake layer is not too moist and the cream cheese icing is not too tooth-numbing sweet. A slice of Red Velvet is RM11 here... Oh yeah, the "here" is referring to Whisk, a small cafe, or rather a espresso bar cum bake shop in Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya.

Here is a photo justifying it to be an espresso bar. Coffee beverages are freshly brewed and they range from RM8 onwards. For non coffee drinkers, sorry to inform you that you are limited to hot chocolate, few type of teas and orange juice only.

This is my Picollo Latte (RM9) which literally means "baby latte". From the name, its clearly a smaller serving of latte. Perhaps coffee aficionados or baristas would like to enlighten me further? I have problems differentiating Babycino, Espresso Machiato and now Piccolo Latte. But I have certainly no problem enjoying this drink. Smooth but not overpowering, it managed to keep me awake throughout the whole train journey back to Ipoh later.

This is their Granny's Apple with Butterscotch Cream Cake, RM13/slice if I'm not mistaken. Well, it was supposed to a standard triangular slice but somehow my friend was too hungry and she chomped part of it when I was at the counter placing my orders. Not overwhelmingly sweet, the presence of apple was not very much felt. The butterscotch cream frosting on the top manage to enhance the overall taste, else it is quite bland.

Whisk takes pride in their Macarons too beside their Red Velvet Cake. They are among the top search results in Google with regards to these tiny morsels. Believed to be of French origins, macarons in simple are meringue based dessert made popular during afternoon tea. They have different fillings - the 3 here are pandan, peanut butter and strawberry. It's RM2.50 per piece if I remembered correctly, still cheaper than the ones being sold in Ipoh. Not really a fan of Macaron so I can really give a good judgement whether these are the betters ones in town.

I bumped into a coursemate there, and she said she purposely dropped by for a shot of espresso. Besides that, Whisk has another branch in One Utama, so I guess the hype or rather "trend" is kinda accepted among KLite culture.. There, this quick high tea session and catching up with a net-friend sums up my KL trip and I'm glad I managed to return with fond memories and good harvest of input for my blog. Till, then cheers and happy eating :)


Anonymous said...

Nom nom nomsss

Anonymous said...

Oops, zoey here xD

sEnGz said...

HahA... U never update blog so didnt login ur account also? Hmm... I wonder why I didnt get notification to approve comments.

Team WHISK said...

HI there, thanks for dropping by our spot =) Piccolo literally means "small" in italian. However, a piccolo latte translates into it being 1 part espresso and 1 part less milk than say a cappuccino or a caffe latte. Same amount of espresso shot but less milk = more intensity in coffee flavor. Pretty much for those who prefer to taste the coffee more without having more milk like what you would get in say a double shot capp or caffee latte.

Glad you had a positive experience at our shop and hope to have you over again soon in the future. Cheers!

sEnGz said...

Thanks Team Whisk! I really love the attitude of most KL F&B outlets who really search for reviews of the places and took the trouble to take in feedbacks from food bloggers and customers alike! I will be back if so happen I'm in Subang area! Till then keep up the good work, your Red Velvet Cake is so far the best I have tasted :)