Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BBQ Plaza, IOI Mall Puchong

The familiar looking solid above is definitely a core ingredient to your "elixir of life" concoction. Yup, the magical pieces when fried, it will breath life to your favourite stir fry dishes - be it pork noodles, fried noodles, stir fry vegetables, to name a few. Well, its just a sarcastic remark to a piece of lard. Its presence brings a glimmer of hope to another NON-HALAL food review. Yes, I've finally get to try B.B.Q. Plaza a franchise from Thailand which reached our shores in 2005. They intended to open an outlet in AEON Station 18, Ipoh but till now it seems like they have trouble in securing a shoplot.

Most of the people here will go for the sets which is priced from RM20+ onwards. Depending on the price, you may get different combination of meat and the quality of the ingredients. This is the best of the lot, called Deluxe Supreme set. What do we have here: Sirloin cuts, beef slices, Australian lamb, pork slices, bacon, chicken slices, squid, shrimps, jelly fish, processed stuffs - green tea tau fu, fish paste "mushroom", udon, lettuce, corn, mushroom, cabbage and pumpkin. This set can easily feed 2 people. If it doesn't, ala carte portions are available from RM3+ for vegetables and RM6-RM10 for meats.

The garlic fried rice is an alternative to your plain white rice, with a small upgrade charge of RM1.50. Oh, the reason most people go for the sets is because you get complimentary white rice. Coming back to the garlic fried rice, I would suggest you go for the plain rice instead. The garlic fried rice is prepared in bulk so its not hot anymore.

Modus operandi is simple here. Cook the vegetables in the broth at the circular ring. Leave the meats to be grilled on the dome shape portion at the centre. Self grilling is the best part here!

Within minutes, you will see the meats come into life! Bear in mind that most of the meats, if not all, are not marinaded at all. The advantage is you can taste its original flavour. The downside is.... if the meat is not fresh, you will be able to detect it. If all else fails, just depend on the dipping sauce provided. For my preference, I depended on the sauce a lot as besides the bacon, plain non-marinaded meat is not my cup of tea.

Finally, I've met BarB Gon, the mascot of BBQ Plaza. Nothing really spectacular though as I doubt I would return again. However, the inclusion of pork really made the difference here and I would anytime pick this place compared to the buffet themed Seoul Garden. I mean, what is "Korean" food without pork right? Now that I've subdue the curiosity within me, looks like I will control myself to avoid bracing the crowd should BBQ Plaza arrive in Ipoh. Perhaps a second visit with my parents if there is an outlet in Ipoh, but no rush. NO RUSH at all :)

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