Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Healy Mac's, Ipoh - PORK KNUCKLE cravings

Phew, it has been quite some time since my last food post... Despite having many new places in Ipoh, there are a few which I am reluctant to patronize, or rather "not urgent" to give it a try due to the hyped crowd over a dining fad. If you seen the resemblance in Sabah Tea Garden, Burps and Giggles, JJ Cafe, Plan B... then you will know what I'm trying to portray here. Before reading on, based on the first photo, any attempt to guess what WAS it and where is this place?

This is a Pork Knuckle (RM55 if I remembered correctly) in its full glory before every single morsel of meat is shredded off. Weighing approximately 1.3kg, this dish can quench the most raging carnivorous soul. The pork knuckle is lightly marinaded before a roasting and frying step is applied on it. Certain part of the skin is far from the definition of "crackling sound" crispy, else it would score near perfect marks in my score book. A serving of roasted potatoes with herbs and sauekraut (sour cabbage) ensure that you get a carbo boost alongside with mandatory fibre intake. The roasted potatoes are good and I personally recommend a side dish called Baked Potatoes with Bacon (RM14)

Kick back and relax as the band starts to strum the blues away from 9:30pm onwards in Healy Mac's. Beers are not pushed at promotional price; a tower of Tiger could fetch up to RM98, while a jug costs RM35. A bit of imba-ness in the pricing here as I would gladly order 3 jugs instead of 1 Tower (1 tower is approx 2.5 litres while 1 jug is 1.25 litres). They have widen their menu by adding in numerous finger food - fried calamari, chicken wings, spicy anchovies, wedges, etc which act as good beer accompaniment.

I have no problems revising this place again, but not on every Friday nights as its relatively pricey too, especially when you are going in a family group. Cheers to September.... and to the bloody 20 cents increase in RON95 petrol by our government, hopefully many rural votes will wake up this time :)


Gray Tan said...

Burps and giggles prices are totally ridiculous for Ipoh standard. I recently had 2 short glasses of drinks and that costs RM20. Last time I'm ever patronising that place.

sEnGz said...

Hi Jee Seng, I saw your photo posted on Facebook the other day. Haha, thats why until now, I have never bothered to step into B&G and Plan B either :p