Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mooncakes 2013

This time it is NOT due to procrastination but it is rather due to lack of substances to blog a bout. I haven't been visiting new restaurants in Ipoh, though there are quite a number in the list. The 8th Lunar month of the Chinese calendar has passed but this is just a lazy photo based blog post on the mooncakes received this year.

More highlights will be on the packaging as I observed higher price of mooncakes are not only due to increased in raw material and logistic cost but mainly due to the human factor - "advertising and marketing". Scroll down and take a look for yourself to be convinced that the packaging comprised a substantial portion of the overall cost of your traditional delicacy.

This is one of the premium gift box less seen in the market, from Concorde Hotel. Look at the intricacy of the design of the box... till the details of the "pin-lock"

Open it up and it will reveal to you 4 individual boxes again in glossy satin-like finishing.

The commercialized brands you find in supermarkets or even bakery chains nowadays may not be splurging a lot in the packaging until this level, but a standard box of 4 pieces might cost you in the range of RM50+ at least. Depending on the variant your pick, some might fetch to the range of RM60-70

The second box is from Renaissance Kuala Lumpur. A much simpler lever at the box compared to the earlier one but still manage to command attention.

I'm just lazy to do much explanation. Been very busy lately and I felt as if I'm a stranger to my blog. Looking forward to my trip to KL next month to rekindle the food blogging flame again.

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