Friday, May 19, 2017

Godiva Chocolatier Soft Serve Ice Cream. Nu Sentral

Ever marveled at how expensive the products of Godiva Chocolatier are? Tired of always staring at the display counter/shelve but feel reluctant to fork out so much for some sinful indulgence? Godiva has introduced its soft serve and chocolate blended drinks which are "less pricier" proxy so that you can proudly tell yourself: "Hey, I tried Godiva!"

With the thoughts of RM22.25 for a soft serve ice cream crawling inside my head, it took me two to third occasions before succumbing to the #YOLO mantra. And yes, just like how I would kill some time in Nu Sentral while waiting to board the ETS train bound for Ipoh, this time around, I decided to pamper myself to some posh chocolate ice cream. Everything (besides the price tag) seems perfect, from the icecream all the way to the cone. The waffle cone maintained its crisp freshness with the edge of the cone dipped in melted chocolate to be finished with some crunchy almond bits. Regardless of the variant you opt for, it is further drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Besides the Dark Chocolate soft serve, there is also the Vanilla White Chocolate variant or the Twist (mixed to savour best of both world). If somehow I were to succumb to temptation, rest assured that I will still opt to try the Dark Chocolate variant again as the cocoa taste is so strong with a velvety smooth texture. Yours truly finaly sudah ber-Godiva, anda bila lagi? :)

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