Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Morganfield's Greentown Ipoh

Morganfield's has its first outlet in Ipoh finally! RAwrRRs! The House of Sticky Ribs is a locally established brand which has outlets in Singapore, Philippines and even China. And their latest addition in Ipoh initially scheduled to be open in May was opened on the 27th of April. And this is their largest outlet in terms of floor space! With jazzy, blues and country music in the background and piggy murals, now this is what I call effort in replicating a prime dining experience which Three Little Pigs failed to emulate in their franchised attempt in De Garden. Read on!

Reminisce the old and first Moven Peak outlet? A decade ago, this place used to be a top gathering spot, before some management issues caused them to split and the downfall of their attempts in the Royal Perak Golf Club and Ipoh Parade branches. At least this strategic location is put to good use by Morganfield's to breath some life to the gastrobar theme in Ipoh. 

And to top things up, they also bought over the optical shop at the next intermediate corner, allowing them to maximize fully the al fresco space in between both intermediate corner. The lot occupied by the former optical shop is mostly a bar counter seating style with limited family dining table. And judging by the layout, that should be the smoking area and the kitchen.

Indeed, it is time that more pork-themed restaurants with good happy hour promotion mushroom in Ipoh. Thanks to the owner of the Red Ferrari (I believe he is the owner of the Ipoh franchise) for bringing the meat fit for kings to Ipoh. All hail the King of Animals! Oink~

Pork Meatballs with Bacon. Simplicity at its best. Need I explain more? Let the cracking sound of the cirpsy streaky bacon do the talking. Great beer food at RM18.90 - 6 pieces of porky goodness. I will come back for their platter one day :)

Beer is quite reasonably priced here. They have a happy hour promotion which runs from opening till 8pm daily (except for Sunday which is valid for whole day). For Carlsberg draft, its RM34.90 for one pint with half a pint free. So in this photo, you get to see it split equally into 3 glasses of half pint each. Which comes to less than RM12 per glass. Not bad right? If you would like some premium beers, the happy hour promotion covers the likes of Asahi, Kronenbourg and Hoegaarden.

For a try, I ordered Half Portion of the Hickory Sauce Pork Ribs. (RM53.90) The slow-cooked tender ribs is smoked in coal and Hickory wood and then basted in their sweetish tomato based BBQ sauce.   is Which means, my parents found it similar to the one I had in Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf and some people do not really fancy this type of sweetish tomato based BBQ sauce. So be warned, those with a hardcore Asian tastebuds may not be accustomed the the taste profile of the ribs here. Perhaps I should've went for the Peppercorns version. Oh, they have a Garlicky one too and one with Balinese style marinade just like the famed Naughty Nuri's version.

Read my previous post on Baby Back Ribs here:

The Corn Bread is actually warm and fluffy muffin which only comes along the Sharing Platter. Else you will need to pay RM4.90 to savour it. Slightly overpriced but very nice indeed when eaten immediately while its hot.

I tried the Seafood Basket before in the Pavilion outlet few years back but due to my camera was out of battery, I did not manage to get good snapshots of it. I ordered it again here because it will be too much red meat if I had another serving of pork. Furthermore, beer battered seafood is an ideal thematic dish to go along crisp and smooth drafted beer. For RM39.90 you get two pieces of prawns, squid rings and fish fillet each on a bed of fries and a side of coleslaw. Great beer food I repeat although some may not fancy this type of bater. Yes, its crispy on the exterior but the inside seems a bit flourish, making the fish fillet a bit moist.

The price may be a bit steep for average Ipoh people but you can try downloading their app and they will credit a RM20 e-voucher upon registration. This will help ease your final bill a little. Oh ya, there is no hidden service charge and the GST is already priced in the menu. And for those who have fallen in love with the food, the app is a loyalty tracker which offers rewards like their iconic piggy mugs, a glass of beer up to a sharing ribs samplers platter (RM229)!! But of course one loyalty stamp for a bill exceeding RM100. 

There you go, a brief review of the Home of Sticky Bones. I will strongly recommend you come in a bigger group to try more items. :) Oh ya, I will be gladly welcoming them to proceed with the weekday set lunch which is a more affordable proxy to their food. Till then, happy pigging, dear readers :)

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