Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brunch at Levain Boulangerie & Patissarie

Sleeping at 3+ the night before normally won't allow you to wake up timely for breakfast. The better part was having brunch on a cheerful and sunny morning does rejuvenate you from within. Travelling along the smooth flowing and light traffic all the way down to the city, Levain is situated near the Selangor Golf Club, should you are not aware where is Jalan Delima or Jalan Imbi, right? Its a bungalow unit by itself. Upon arriving about 11am, this place was crowded to the brim, ensuring us that we were assured notable good food. For me, a hot cup of Cappucino (RM6.90) to fight off the after effects of a late night beer induced sleep.

They take pride in their stone oven. A stone oven is better in terms of heat circulation and distribution; baking consistent bakery products. And I've read from their website that they produce their own baker's yeast. Working in a bread factory, I can say that you will need some considerable volume before investing to produce your own yeast. But, its a good measure for quality consistency. Look at the busy staff in the kitchen.... and the flock of customers! The concept here is simple. Pick whichever pastry you like head to the counter and pay for your drinks at the same time. Get your receipt, head to the drinks counter to collect your beverages.

For something savoury and filling, we had the Grilled Chicken Loaf. The bread sprinkled with black sesame is not your typical bread. Being dry and a bit chewy, this is a typical sourdough bread, in contrast with the softer sandwich loaf using sponge and dough method. This may not appease everyone as one might think the tender and juicy chicken thigh was in total contrast with the dough. You might need to exert some jaw work while bitting off the bread.

The egg sandwich was just a typical item. But we took it as we wanted to savour the texture of the bread. A portion came in alternate combination of both white bread or wholemeal bread. The bread was indeed soft and spongy.

The Turkey Ham and Eggs. Well, I really do not know how to describe the eggs. Its a cross between hard boiled and poached. And I felt that only the yolk part was used. Once mashed, the yolk and the mayonnaise formed a velvety finish to what's entering your mouth.

Done we the savoury pastries, we head on to satiate our sweet tooth cravings! This is a miniature croissant dipped in milk chocolate, almost the length of your index finger. And I have to share this alongside 3 other people. Despite coated in smooth milk chocolate, the strong butter smell of the fluffy and flaky croissant was ever present.

Another flaky Danish pastry, the Caramel Cheese. The cheese was inside the pastry with a caramelised pastry. Surprisingly, it was not that sweet as the caramel surface only provided enough to match the rich cream cheese. A cross between sweet and savoury, but confirmed a filling one!

Now for our final touch, we had the Durian Melon Bun and the ermmm.... Alien Dust Ball forgot the name of it. A melon bun is something similar to the Polo Bun made famous in Hong Kong. The bun is encrusted with a cookie like pastry, whereby good ones will give a crumbly and slightly crispy top. Rather than picking the conventional ones, we opted for the one with durian filling! Durian paste filling was filled generously inside the bun, giving a robust finale of the meal!

Before and after snapshots. Sad little creature got itself broken into half with chocolate oozing out its brain core. The surface is coated with Oreo Biscuit, if my tastebuds serve me correctly. Not to sure about the "eyes" though. Very cocoa-ish instead of chocolatey.... Actually most of the items here are best shared, so you can lay your hands to try more variety as they boast of serving over 60 types of different bread and pastry, apart from their ala carte orders made to order dishes like pastas and soups.

Upon finishing our meal outside, we are abit lazy to queue up again for the Macaroons or cakes. These are some of the snapshots I got while queuing to get my beverages. Stop being macho and indifferent. Just admit that these little morsels of different colours do bring a smile on your face. Beautiful creations aren't they? And I heard they are freaking sweet too.

Look at the big family tree of the macaroons! ^^

Look at the cakes........ How I wish I have a "unlimited 1 day pass" to grab and taste whatever I like! How you wish you own this place right? Generating income while having the freedom to taste whatever you like. *day dreams*

Besides pastries and cakes and some main course, Levain offers "designer chocolates" as well. A friend told me that Beryl's is the one manufacturing these chocolates for them, which are not sold in retail market. It came along with a hefty price tag (to me at least, I wonder if it manage to cause a pinch to KLites)

There! Another eatery reviewed. I hope I can stop by Levain again in the near future. Dining in a English styled cottage with reasonably priced pastry ranging from RM1 to RM5 per piece. Perhaps with a different group of friends when I drop by KL. And this time around, I'll make sure I get my hands on the Macaroons. =D

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