Friday, March 11, 2011

Lot 10 - sloppiness under one roof?

Tired from walking around the few big shopping complexes in Bukit Bintang, namely Starhill Gallery, Pavillion and Fahrenheit 88, Sin Mei proposed a cheaper alternative to a light lunch in the basement of Lot 10. Apparently, they have assembled the famous food around KL and Selangor alike as tenants in the the basement Food Court. Unfortunately, I haven't heard of anyone of them after looking at the photo gallery.

Food here don't come cheap. You are seated in a clean and air conditioned environments. But ultimately, you are in Bukit Bintang area. Whaddya expect if they charge you RM8+ for a bowl of beef balls noodles set like the picture above? The beef ball was bouncy but lacked taste. Rather bland. The minced meat on top of the noodles was abit mediocre too.

The Braised Pork Ribs Noodles also was abit normal too me. Nothing really to shout about. If I'm not mistaken, this was ordered from a famous wantan mee stall. The beansprout will turn of any local Ipoh people. 2 dishes and I'm still not impressed.

Unable to pick the food I wanted, I went to have a Teriyaki pork burger (RM7.50). To my horror, I witnessed my pork burger patty microwaved before serving. Enough said. The bun was preheated on the grill but was made soggy with the excess mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce. A messy creation. The pork burger was juicy but I would prefer mine fresh from the grill. Another failed attempt.

Shin Yee's plate of "Singapore Hokkein Mee" is greasily oily. Though it had my favourite lard fritters, the noodles also was sloppily prepared. All in all, I can conclude that its just for dining famous hawker fare without a fuss, all under one roof. But at a heavy price; the loss of authenticity. It maybe the most famous Char Koay Teow, but once you employ foreign workers to fry under your banner, its still Mee Goreng Myanmar or Wantan Mee Indonesia. =p But the funny thing is KLites love to patronize shopping malls for hawker food and mamaks for western food and pizzas. weird.

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