Saturday, March 5, 2011

A hidden gem amidst the flying airplanes - Kwai Lam Food Stall

Kwai Lam Food Stall is situated somewhere isolated in Kampung Baru Subang, its somewhere pass Terminal 3, Subang Airport. On the route to this hidden gem, I think one might be able to arrive here via the Sungai Buloh way. Upon arriving, we were greeted by a huge crowd, and almost a full house eatery. No fancy decor nor air condition, which can only mean one thing to draw such big volume of customers; THE QUALITY OF FOOD!

Man, let's hope that would be right as we braced ourselves to face the possible long wait. We noticed there were at least 10 tables not getting their food yet. Nevertheless, the kitchen is doing their best to whisk up a storm. Perhaps we have some peanuts and crackers to munch on, our first dish arrived after 15 minutes! That's fast!! Steamed Frogs with Grated Ginger. Served on top of a steel plate with candles keeping it warm, the flesh of the frogs were succulent yet firm! There is no unpleasant odour tagging along. If there is, the grated ginger sauce would've done the trick. The grated ginger made me having spoonful after another, despite we didn't order any white rice to go along with it!

Look at the muscular legs of the amphibian! The price tag which came along was reasonable. RM18 for the plate you see in the photo...

Next, Butter Fried Mantis Prawns (RM12) came in a reasonable portion, enough to be shared by 5 people. Very greasy though, it has the slight resemblance of being salted egg coated which is.... the zenith combination to your rising blood pressure! =p If only we ordered half a bottle or two of Carlsberg to go along with this dish.... rather than chinese tea.

Well what I like a lot of this place is, they really can synchronize the order of the dishes very well. Knowing that we were not eating rice, the dishes came not long after the order was placed though there was some gap time between one dish or another. The Yau Mak came after the Fried Mantis Prawns, and it couldn't have arrived better to clear our guilt feeling before moving on the fill our stomachs with the Tai Look Mein. Besides pork slices and fish cake, the noodles contains lard fritters which really entices my appetite! Guess what? We ordered portion for 3 person, and we got quite a big plate and for a very low price, RM10 only!

Enter the supposed highlight of the night - Banana Leaf Grilled Stingray (RM20). This dish seems to be a bit steep compared to the more reasonably priced dishes earlier. However, the portion is still sufficient to be shared by 5 person. The only drawback was the curry/kunyit marinade could be abit more pungent. The best grilled sting ray I had in Ipoh was the corner stall called OCEAN in Dung Gu Teng (Anika Selera) but I guessed it has changed hands, so not that nice anymore. My preference would be those grilled to almost dry and the skin almost crispy while maintaining the juicy flesh!

The last thing to arrive was their Fried Chicken Wings (RM2.30/piece). I noticed many tables also ordered the chicken wings and grilled fish. However I've tasted better fried chicken wings but this version ain't too bad either. Not coated with any flour but fragrantly marinaded in soya sauce, oyster sauce etc, the chicken wings is rather dry, love it or loathe it. The total bill came to only RM83 for 5 person, inclusive of towels and chinese tea. I would love to come back for more, as you wouldn't find such pricing in Selangor, places such as Subang. Crabs is a must for my revisit, now contemplating to choose between the steamed with egg whites style or the sweet and spicy chilli gravy. Yummy Kwai Lam!!!!

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