Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Non-alcoholic in Brussels Beer Cafe

A weekend in KL before going up to Genting. I was filling the time in Shah Alam to the brim. Joined Yvonne and visited her church for Sunday evening service, then decided to meet up with some iBridge camp friends. Decided to yumchar in Jaya One, but besides OldTown White Coffee and Station One, couldn't find a worthy place which has a wider range non-alcoholic drinks.

Adapted from Clever Monkey's website. This is the place we chose for the night.

Hot Chocolate (RM6). Abit too milky to my liking. Out of 5 person, 4 of us ordered hot chocolate. Well, I also abit paiseh to order some booze. But to order hot chocolate in a Beer Cafe? Haha... I bit weird I reckon. =p

To pair up my warm drink, I decided to ordered the Tiramisu (RM10.90). Knowing its a beer house, I have quite high expectation for the Tiramisu, for the liquor taste. And yes, the Tiramisu here did live up to my expectation. The mascarpone cheese was light and smooth. Layers of sponge fingers were soaked in expresso and have a faint hint of... I believe its coffee liquor! The slight drawback was the cocoa powder was a bit overpowering. The dry powdery aftertaste can cause you to choke slightly if you are scooping a big spoonful of the top layer. Overall, not too bad for the Tiramisu here.

A group picture of the non-alcoholic clan in Brussel. Hehe... lesson learned. Head to Jaya One with your gang which drinks. I miss chilling with my coursies in Chulo last year.... Brussels is abit well litted, a typical beer house, similar to Berlins Bier House in Ipoh. Shall plan for a nite out with my gals in Chulo again. =)

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