Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pau Langkap in Ipoh

Just a simple write up. Procrastination has been my middle name recently. And updating my blog seems to be distracted by many happenings around me recently.... and also addiction to some PC and PS2 games. Not to mention busy on Skype and MSN. I've been delaying my sleep time and I can go up till 1am sometimes, with my work starting at 8.30am the next morning in my new factory

If its nor these morsels of good food which add some colour to my life, life in Ipoh is really on the slow pace. Well, with so limited salary and entertainment, what better things to do than to eat? And as a bonus, you do not need to travel far. Langkap Pau is available in Ipoh. I bought these in Seng Chung Seng Food Court (formerly known as Bercham Mas). Dunno where is it? Try google the keyphrases 60 cents + Chinese Tea Ice + Ipoh and I bet your search results is obvious.

The Mui Choy Pau (RM1.40) Savoury filling of preserved vegetables with skimpy portion of meat. The filling is a bit too overpowering as it is quite strong in aroma and flavour. It would be perfect if I get to bite on a little more meat/fats.

The Lam Yu Pau (RM1.70). Abit more pricey but it would mean heaven for meat lovers! Pure meat (with some fatty layers as well which melts in your mouth). The preserved bean paste gave the meat a tantalizing marinade. Noteworthy pau if you were scratching your head on which to pick. They have over 20 types on the menu (in which some are generically repeated... see below). Oh, they also have Lor Mai Kai.

For the "general pau" which is like a Swiss Roll. its cut from a elongated shaped dough. A piece at RM1.10 (the picture here shows Kaya. Pumpkin and Red Bean - bear in mind, I sliced the pau into half, so actually its a bigger piece). Langkap Pau is fluffy/light with a pillowy mouthfeel and the original ones which made a this a local trademark is believed from the Hainan origin. Many Hainanese were top chefs during the British colonization era. Hainan Pau is one of their tricks under their sleeve. Give these pau a try, you can always opt for the piping hot ones from the steamer if you are eating on the spot... Should you opt to reheat it by steaming later, its advisable you go for the "cooled" ones.

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