Monday, November 28, 2011


101 Reasons why MYDREAM Café would be nominated and is a top contender to grab the WORSE EATERY in Ipoh 2011:

1) Service was uberly poor. I tried the Bercham outlet on a normal Wednesday afternoon. We were the only table dining there (besides there is one Malay gal lazily playing with her hand phone and did not even pay attention to us, I wonder she is an employee there.) Guess what?

1.1  At least 2/3 of the items in the menu are not available yet, either being out of stock or not launched yet.

1.2   The items on the set are served on reverse order. Drinks and garlic bread are served last. The desserts are served first. Common, don't they have basic common sense? I wonder if their gastronomical tract works in reverse direction too =p

1.3   The waiting time!!! Being the only table that time, it took more than 15 mins to prepare the Mango dessert. The spaghetti came after more than half an hour. They expect us to have 2 hours lunch break?

2) The taste of the food sucks! The garlic bread is too oily/buttery and was not toasted evenly. The mushroom spaghetti is a weird version infused with curry and cheese flavour combination and chilli oil was spotted on the surface of the gravy. Noodles were far from al dente and its worse than the instant noodles ala Spaghetti once introduced by Maggi in the early 90s. The Mango Dessert does not have mango fragrance at all. The slight unpleasant aftertaste on our tongue was something like the artificial flavoured powdered beverages in pasar malam.

3) Pricing of the items! The Tiramisu, Cheesecake and Durian Mille Crepe are priced at RM16 per slice! This is even more expensive than Indulgence. It’s in the league of my personal favourite in Italianese which served a bigger portion. The lacklustre garlic bread was RM8 per ala carte serving. Watermelon blended is priced at RM8, The crappy mango desserts are RM10 onwards, Banana Crepe (RM8) and Mango Crepe (RM10) compared to Yoke Fook Moon’s Durian Crepe at only RM3-4. Tastewise, they are NOT on par with Yoke Fook Moon’s version. Environment wise, they are NOT close to Indulgence’s. So, what justification they have to price their food exorbitantly?

4. The safety of consumers! The plate of spaghetti cracked into 2 pieces in front of our eyes when served a few minutes later. Since no cutting using knife and fork is involved, I believed the breakage of the plate was not resulted to human factor. I can further draw conclusions that the spaghetti is microwaved and the plate is not suitable to withstand high heat.

5. The place is understaffed. There were a total of 5 people at work in the whole café from the front line to the kitchen. Apparently I glanced at the board and saw 1 worker was on leave. Well, if the spaghetti was microwaved, how come they still need half an hour to prepare it? And most of the desserts are pre-prepared and kept refrigerated, I presume. Why the lousy and untimely service?

Currently MYDREAM cafes have been mushrooming in Greentown, Bercham, Menglembu and even Kampar. They have advertisements on thte VOXEL LED screen in front of JUSCO traffic lights. But, how come they can even get the basics of what a food and beverage outlet should have? The proprietor must have a lot of money to waste in this area as most of the time, the outlets are empty. Angry patrons like yours truly will NEVER return to their outlets! I did not expect such title contender to my category lousiest place to dine to appear in the last quarter of 2011. I'm sure this surpases Tambun's RIVER NILE and TASTE GOOD kopitiam in clinching the title of WORSE EATERY in Ipoh 2011!


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