Monday, June 10, 2013

Disappointing dinner at Sands Cafe, Kinta Riverfront, Ipoh

As usual, I am always procrastinating on this blog post but I am determined to post this up tonight. Besides having more input for reviews from my latest KL trip last weekend, I feel the fire of desire burning in me after an accusation of people who snap photos of food are having signs of early mental illness. Yes, I'm sure most of you who are here reading my blog do not really agree with that article, do you? My colleague quoted Wong Zhi Wah (chinese talk show host/comedian) saying that "its stupid to post photo of food on social network as we all know the egg you had for breakfast had a yellow yolk and egg whites, unless you have a blue yolk, then don't post"

My friends like nature, so they post their scenery photos on FB. No Problem!
My friends like animals, so they post their animals photos on FB. No Problem!
I like food, so I post the food pic on FB and blog. Why you say I got mental problem???

Sorry for some ramblings, I just can't take HATERS who are against us food bloggers. I mean, if it weren't for us, you might enter a new restaurants and leaving with a frowning face.... and most likely a lighter wallet too. We do blog reviews on food so that we can share our recommendations, opinions on what to order and what to avoid, out of passion... most of us do not even get paid.

Having said that, I shall continue with my passion and my responsibility to warn you dear readers to give a second thought over this over hyped place called Sands Cafe, which is situated along the Kinta River. It's under a big tree which is at the river bank adjacent to Kinta Riverfront Hotel. Yes, the place may be trendy, overlooking colourful neon and LED lights of shapes of trees. Yes, they do serve their ice blended drinks on small pails which kinda fit to the theme. But the price tag on the drinks is not cheap -ranging from RM5+ for normal hot beverages and near RM10 for the blended juices.

I was attracted to this place because I read another "mental patient" who snapped pictures of the BBQ skewers for this place. Unfortunately, the mental patient from this blog is unable to try them as apparently the waiter told me that "they are too busy handling the customers and don't have enough staff to man the BBQ pit". Disappointed, I refrained from ordering beer. After all, I wouldn't pay RM16 for a small bottle of beer if I don't have good finger food to go along with it. And yes, the Fried Abalone Mushroom (RM8+) is NOT a good option for finger food. The batter is so thick its like eating fried dough than mushroom. Total failure!

The Chicken Wrap (RM15.90) is  more pathetic than the one served in KFC! The meat is dry and no longer hot. The fries are soggy and seems prepared few hours ago! The tortilla bread was not toasted prior to serving. It is a total lackluster effort!

I think those food served in Air Asia can simply beat the standard set here. The Baked Fish Fillet (RM19.90) came in a measly portion and with dilute tomato puree. The Mashed Potato is bland and not hot. I warned my friend to refrain to order Dory fillets but he persisted and the price to pay was to endure the muddy stench of the fillet.

I did not order any main course for myself as me and my friend shared this Spanish Seafood Paella (RM26.90 if I'm not mistaken) and it was a total nightmare! The same diluted puree from the Dory fillets was used to simmer the rice. The seafood were not fresh! The prawns texture is deformed and soft and the scallops have frozen smell. I need to bite the fried mushroom with every spoonful of rice. Its really a torturing meal!

I am damn surprised that this place is kinda full that night. Perhaps it's due to the hype of the scenary at night and like the Cantonese saying, its a "new toilet effect". Ipoh people are very fussy with their food, I doubt most of us will return for a second time as there is no food worth returning for. And the price is not cheap also. Even a simple Kung Pou chicken rice will cost you RM9! Trust me, just go for the night camwhoring with dinner elswhere, you won't wanna experience the horrific meal here. Oh yeah, if your name so happen is Lorian Low and you are reading my blog, you are just contradicting yourself as you do appreciate us food bloggers' efforts. Shame on you for calling us as having early signs of mental illness!

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